10 Interesting Greg Rutherford Facts

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Greg Rutherford facts are your quality of considerations in how to be able to know this athlete better. There are people who have gain motivation by the way Greg conduct his career. So, just find what you want to learn here.

Greg Rutherford Facts 1: basic about Greg Rutherford

People need to know about basic information related to Greg Rutherford. He grew up in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. There he attended Two Mile Ash Primary School. He also went on to Denbigh School.

Greg Rutherford Facts 2: family

He is actually the great grandson of certain footballer such as Jock Rutherford who had won 3 Football League 1st Division titles. It was with Newcastle United and also 11 England caps. There was a fact that he also was recognized to be the oldest player ever playing for Arsenal.

Greg Rutherford facts

Greg Rutherford facts

Greg Rutherford Facts 3: sport activities

This man had involved in sports including rugby, badminton, and also football. Many people have already recognized about this indeed. Therefore, he was very healthy.

Greg Rutherford Facts 4: byzantine origins

He also often gained trials along with Premiership football club Aston Villa. It was when he a teenager. It was also before he pursued career within athletics.

Greg Rutherford Image

Greg Rutherford Image

Greg Rutherford Facts 5: youngest winner for long jump event

He actually was the youngest winner of the long jump event. It was at AAA Championships. It was in the year 2005. His age was 18 at that time.

Greg Rutherford Facts 6: other artists influence

He also once missed much season in 2007 because of the injury problems that he suffers. The injury was including the ankle injury. It was also because he suffered from many problems related to his career.

Greg Rutherford Pic

Greg Rutherford Pic

Greg Rutherford Facts 7: the record

He once set a record of 8.30 m jump. It was on 20 August 2009. It was within the qualifying round of the World Championships in Berlin. The purpose is to improve the previous record held by Chris Tomlinson.

Greg Rutherford Facts 8:  record extension

He actually had extended his personal best long jump. The record hits 8.32 m. It was at the League of Eugene Diamond.  Yet, this wasn’t recognized as British record.

Greg Rutherford Sport

Greg Rutherford Sport

Greg Rutherford Facts 9: hamstring injury

He also had suffered from hamstring injury during the League. It was on 6 July. This condition makes him in withdrawing from the competition.

Greg Rutherford Facts 10: film

He also involves in the comedy panel show entitled Fake Reaction. It was on 28 December 2013 actually. I believe not many people recognize about this.

Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford

The facts about Greg Rutherford are only few compared to any others. The way you learn about it can determine more info that you can learn from him. Just take benefits from the internet if you want to learn more about him.

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