10 Interesting Robert Frost Facts

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Check Robert Frost Facts if you want to know the famous American poet. He was born on 26 March 1874 as Robert Lee Frost and passed away on 29 January 1963. Before his works were published in America, they were published in England. If you check his works, you will know that he depicted the rural life in America. Here are other facts about Robert Frost for you:

Robert Frost Facts 1: the popularity

Frost is one of the most popular poets in 20th century. He often depicted the rural life in New England. He presented the philosophical and complex social themes.

Robert Frost Facts 2: Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry

It was very surprising to know that he got four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry during his lifetime. Due to his poetical works, he earned the Congressional Gold Medal. Moreover, he was called Poet laureate of Vermont on 22 July 1961.

Robert Frost Image

Robert Frost Image

Robert Frost Facts 3: name

Do you know that Robert Lee Frost was named after Robert E. Lee? He was the famous Confederate General Army.

Robert Frost Facts 4: parents

The father of Robert Frost was William Prescott Frost Jr. He worked as a teacher. Isabelle Moodie was the mother of Frost. He was a Scotswoman. His father gave up teaching and became a journalist after the couple relocated to San Francisco.

Robert Frost Photo

Robert Frost Photo

Robert Frost Facts 5: death of his father

When Robert was 11 years old, his father passed away because of tuberculosis. His mother, Robert and Jeanie, his sister relocated to Lawrence, Massachusetts to live in his grandparent’s house.

Robert Frost Facts 6: education

The young Robert went to Lawrence High School where he met his future wife, Elinor White. In 1892, Robert graduated as a class poet and valedictorian. He was a very smart student. Get a famous writer in Roald Dahl facts.

Robert Frost Young

Robert Frost Young

Robert Frost Facts 7: the job

He became a farmer for 9 years after his grandfather gave him a farm for Frost and his wife to work. But he was not a successful farmer. In 1906 to 1911, he worked as an English teacher.

Robert Frost Facts 8: a poet

Actually he wanted his poems published but it was very difficult to get them published. The couple decided to move to England in 1912 to increase the opportunity to become a poet. A Boy’s Will was the first book of poems by Frost published in 1913.

Robert Frost

Robert Frost

Robert Frost Facts 9: a US presidential inauguration

Frost was honored since he was the first poet who wrote and recited a poem during the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. Find out another poet in Robert Browning facts.

Robert Frost Facts 10: death

Frost passed away because of complication of prostate surgery on 29 January 1963.

Robert Frost Facts

Robert Frost Facts

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