10 Interesting Chris Brown Facts

Thursday, December 5th 2013. | People

Chris Brown facts surely are beneficial for the fans of this singer. Chris Brown has gained reputation from many different reasons. Reading the facts will help those people understand better about Chris Brown. I want to provide some facts below for you.

Chris Brown Facts 1: date of birth

There are many people recognize about the Chris Brown’s date of birth. It was in Tappahannock on 5 May 1989. He had the birth name of Christopher Maurice Brown. His nickname is CB or people also call him Chris Breezy.

Chris Brown Facts 2: appearance

He has the height of 1.85 m. For some people, such height is short. He has brown skin and cute smile. Usually, he dyes his hair with golden colored one. It is his unique characteristic actually.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown Facts 3: music influence

He is interested in music because of many influences. Some musicians who have inspired him are Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Kim Burrell, Usher Raymond, Marvin Gaye, and also Donny Hathaway. Those people provide great motivation for him.

Chris Brown Facts 4: singer career alternative

Recently Chris Brown is recognized as a famous singer. If he isn’t a singer, he perhaps had become a regular teenager or simply basketball player. His talent in music gives him good fortune and fame.

Chris Brown facts

Chris Brown facts

Chris Brown Facts 5: collaboration necessity

His dream is to be able to work with Beyonce Knowles, Usher Raymond, 50 cent, MJ, Teena Marie, Lil Wayne, Ciara, and others.

Chris Brown Facts 6: the family

He has a sister. Her name is Lytrell Bundy. Yet, the nickname of his sister is Tootie. His mother name is unique. It is Joyce Hawkins. Perhaps learning about his family is important for some of you. Yet, for many fans, it is required to know.

Chris Brown singer

Chris Brown singer

Chris Brown Facts 7: movie involvement

Beside music, he has a movie career as well. He works with Columbus films twice. Those films are This Christmas and Stomp the Yard. He once got into award nominee. Yet, he withdrew because of his lawsuit to his girlfriend.

Chris Brown Facts 8:  Rihanna

He was the boyfriend of famous singer Rihanna. He suffered from law problem when beating her.

Chris Brown tatoo

Chris Brown tatoo

Chris Brown Facts 9: the awards

His album F.A.M.E had earned three Grammy nominations. It makes his name more popular around the world.

Chris Brown Facts 10: #1 hip-hop artist

In 2011, Chris Brown was named as number 1 hip-hop singer artist of the year. It was stated by Billboard.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Those facts about Chris Brown are sufficient for you. I hope that such information is useful. For further info, you can do review by your own.

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