10 Interesting Robert Delaunay Facts

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If you want to know one of the famous French artists who co-founded the Orphism art movement, check Robert Delaunay Facts. This movement focused on the usage of geometric shapes and strong colors.  Another cofounder of this movement was the wife of Delaunay. She was Sonia Delaunay. Actually there are many other artists who also cofounded this movement. Let’s focus more on facts about Robert Delaunay:

Robert Delaunay Facts 1: date of birth

Delaunay was born in Paris on 12 April 1885. He passed away on 25 October 1941. His mother was Countess Berthe Félicie de Rose and his father was George Delaunay.

Robert Delaunay Facts 2: the childhood time

It seems that the childhood time for Delaunay was not good for his parents divorced. Therefore, he was raised by the sister of his mother, Marie and her husband Charles Damour. He spent his childhood time in La Rochere located near Bourges. Find out another artist in Rene Magritte facts.

Robert Delaunay Facts

Robert Delaunay Facts

Robert Delaunay Facts 3: being a painter

Delaunay realized that he wanted to become a painter after he failed to pass his final examination. He told his uncle about it.  Thus, he attended Belleville section of Paris to study the decorative arts in 1912 in Rosin’s Atelier. Check out a famous painter in Rembrandt facts.

Robert Delaunay Facts 4: leaving Ronsin

Delaunay was a talented painter.   He left Ronsin at the age 19 because he wanted to focus more on painting. In 1904, he had given the Salon des Independants six works.

Robert Delaunay Image

Robert Delaunay Image

Robert Delaunay Facts 5: traveling

Delaunay was inspired by a group of Pont-Aven when he travelled to Britanny. He submitted his 22nd work to the Salon. It was painted when he stayed in Brittany.

Robert Delaunay Facts 6: Jean Metzinger

Do you know that Jean Metzinger and Robert Delaunay were friends? Both of them had their works exhibited in the same gallery in the beginning of 1907. It was run by Berthe Weill.

Robert Delaunay Pic

Robert Delaunay Pic

Robert Delaunay Facts 7: the series

When Delaunay was in the peak of his career, he had his painting in series. Those included the famous work of the Circular Forms series (1913), the City of Paris series (1911–12), The First Disk (1913), the Saint-Sévrin series (1909–10), the Window series (1912–14) and many more.

Robert Delaunay Facts 8: Orphism

If we talk about Robert Delaunay, we should never forget the Orphism. He used the brilliant colors with optical characters in his non figurative painting in 1912 till 1914.

Robert Delaunay Pictures

Robert Delaunay Pictures

Robert Delaunay Facts 9: influence

His works influenced other artists and groups such as The Blaue Reiter group, Morgan Russell, Patrick Bruce, Macdonald Wright, Lyonel Feininger and Paul Klee.

Robert Delaunay Facts 10: the early painting

If you check his early painting, most of them are made in neoimpressionism.

Robert Delaunay Poet

Robert Delaunay Poet

Are you satisfied reading facts about Robert Delaunay?

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