10 Interesting Attila the Hun Facts

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Attila the Hun Facts show you the interesting information about the famous leader of the Huns. He was born circa 406 and died in March 453. The Hunnic Empire was under the leadership of Attila the Hun. The Huns, Alans, and Ostrogoths were the primary members of this tribal confederation. The territory of the confederation was located on the Eastern and Central Europe. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Attila the Hun below:

Attila The Hun Facts 1: the reign of Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun was one of the most feared leaders in the world. The Western and Eastern Roman Empires considered him as a powerful enemy.

Attila the Hun Facts 2: the Balkans

Attila the Hun was successful to defeat the Balkans. He crossed the Danube River twice. However, he was not successful when conquering Constantinople.

Attila The Hun Pictures

Attila The Hun Pictures

Attila The Hun Facts 3: the campaign in Persia

Attila the Hun had his campaign in Persia. But it was not successful. But he was successful when invading Eastern Roman Empire which made Attila the Hun more confident when invading the West.

Attila the Hun Facts 4: Roman Gaul

In 451, Attila the Hun crossed the Rhine for he wanted to control Roman Gaul. However, his dream was gone for he lost during the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains.

Attila The Hun Pic

Attila The Hun Pic

Attila the Hun Facts 5: Rome

Rome was not under the control of Attila the Hun even though he was interested to take over the land. He was successful to devastate the Northern provinces in Italy, but Rome had not been conquered.

Attila The Hun Facts 6: the further campaign

In 453, Attila the Hun passed away. Thus, he had to forget his plan to invade the Romans. Check facts about St. Peter here.

Attila The Hun Images

Attila The Hun Images

Attila The Hun Facts 7: the collapse of the Hunnic Empire

The Hunnic Empire collapsed after a Germanic revolt was conducted by Ardaric of the Gepids against the Hunnic Rule. He was the adviser of Attila the Hun.

Attila The Hun Facts 8: the description of Attila the Hun

Let’s find out the description of Attila the Hun based on the opinion of the modern scholars. They believe that the physical appearance of Attila the Hun resembles the East Asian. Get facts about Hokusai here.

Attila The Hun Image

Attila The Hun Image

Attila The Hun Facts 9: historiography

The scholars can find out the sources related to the historiography of Attila the Hun from the sources written by the enemies of the Huns. The Latin and Greek were used to write the sources.

Attila The Hun Facts 10: the oral literature

The story related to Attila the Hun was passed from one generation to another generation by using the oral tradition. It can be in a form of chanted poem or epics.

Attila The Hun Facts

Attila The Hun Facts

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