10 Interesting Redhead Facts

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Redhead Facts talk about the red hair that people have in the world.  Having the natural red hair is very rare in the world. The report states that only 2 people in 100 people have red hair. We can say that 1 or 2 percent of human beings on the planet have red hair. If you are interested to know more about redhead, check out the following facts below:

Redhead Facts 1: the myth

The red hair is often associated with the weird myth in the ancient Greek culture. They believed that the people who have read head will become a vampire when they die.

Redhead Facts 2: gray

When we are older, the color of the hair will turn into grey. The people who have the red hair are very lucky since   it does not gray as much as the other hair colors. The process of aging of red hair will be in blonde first. Then it will turn into a completely white hair color.

Red Hair

Red Hair

Redhead Facts 3: the rarest hair color

Even though you can find out the red hair color today, most of them are artificial. It means that the red hair probably is not their natural color. It is due to the fact the red hair is the rarest hair color in the world.

Redhead Facts 4: Dr. Werner Habermehl

Dr. Werner Habermehl was a sex researcher from Hamburg. He stated that the women with red hair had more sex compared to the women with other hair colors. When a woman changes their natural hair with red hair dye,   it can signal that she is not happy with her life and wants to make it better by changing the hair color in red. Check love facts here.

Redhead facts

Redhead facts

Redhead Facts 5: harder to dye

If you have red hair, it is better for you to keep it in natural state. Do you know that the natural red hair is not easy to die? Red hair has more pigment.

Redhead Facts 6: European women

The European women with red hair who lived during 16th and 17th century were not lucky.  Most of them will be burned at stakes because the red hair was often associated with witches.



Redhead Facts 7: Parkinson disease

The risk of having Parkinson disease is twice bigger for the redhead people than people with other hair colors.

Redhead Facts 8: the strands of hair

Do you know that the strands that the people with red hair are fewer than other hair colors? In average, the redhead has 9,000 strands of hair.

Facts about Redhead

Facts about Redhead

Redhead Facts 9: sexual prowess

The women with red hair are often linked with sexual prowess. They are viewed as sexy women.

Redhead Facts 10: the famous people with redheads

The famous people with redhead include Malcolm X, James Joyce, Napoleon Bonaparte, Vincent Van Gogh, King David, Emily Dickinson, and Queen Elizabeth I.

Cute Redhead

Cute Redhead

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