10 Interesting Lip Facts

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Now let’s talk about lips facts to know about one of the important parts on the body. Many women concern a lot with the shape of their lipstick. One of the celebrities who have sexy lips is Angelina Jolie. The partner of Brad Pitt is famous with her sexy and full lips.  Here are the facts about lips for you:

Lip Facts 1: melanin

Unlike the skin on the face, the lips do not have any melanin. You need to protect it from the sun burn and sun rays. People are recorded to use lipstick or lip gloss with UV protection or sunscreen to avoid sun burn on the lips.

Lip Facts 2: cracked and dry lipstick

When people lick their lips using the saliva, they find out that the lips are drier. Do you know why this condition occurs? It is due to the fact that the enzyme in the saliva is functioned to break down the food. When you touch the lips with saliva, it does the same thing to break the food.

Lip Facts

Lip Facts

Lip Facts 3: stop licking the lips

If you want to get healthy lips, you need to stop licking the lips using the tongue. The saliva makes the lips look dry. You can use lip balm or lip gloss to make the lips smooth and damp.

Lip Facts 4: breathing from the mouth

Another habit that you need to avoid is breathing the air from the mouth.  The air that you breathe can cause the lips to dry. That’s why people are recommended to breathe using their nose, not mouth.

Lip Injection

Lip Injection

Lip Facts 5: water

The best way to keep the lip moisturized is by drinking plenty water every day. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water or 1.5 liter of water to make the body healthy and the lips beautiful.

Lip Facts 6: lip balm

The women who always have to fight against the chapped and dry lips can use lip balm to moisturize the lips. In this modern market, it is one of the most popular lipsticks to choose not only by teenagers, but also adults. Check lipstick facts here.

Lip Red

Lip Red

Lip Facts 7: Lip Gloss

Max Factor Company is the first company which introduces lip gloss for the first time in public in 1930.

Lip Facts 8: actresses

There are some actresses who make lipstick popular among women. Some of them include Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, and Marilyn Monroe.



Lip Facts 9: brands of lipsticks

You can make the lips look beautiful and sexy by using the high quality lipstick. Some famous brands to choose include Urban Decay, Revlon, Nina Ricci, Chanel, Max Factor, Cover Girl, MAC Cosmetics and Christian Dior.

Lip Facts 10: black lips

Some women are interested to have black lips because they want to present the punk and gothic style.



A survey conducted in US find out that 32 percent of women had over 20 lipsticks at home. Do you have anything to say on facts about lip?

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