10 Interesting Kookaburra Facts

Wednesday, May 28th 2014. | Animals

If you like with cute animal, find out the Kookaburra facts below. Kookaburra is a symbol of the birdlife in Australia. The animals are always associated with the famous continent. You can also hear the children’s song “merry, merry king of the bush” inspired from the laughing kookaburra.  Here are the amazing facts about kookaburra:

Kookaburra Facts 1: place of living

Kookaburra is not an isolated animal. It is very common for the people to see the laughing kookaburra in the urban regions and suburban gardens. They are not scared with the existence of human beings. You can give the bird food by using hands.

Kookaburra Facts 2: name

The bird is called as a kookaburra because of the laughing call that this bird makes. After a period of absence, the kookaburra will produce a call used to mate. You can hear the laugh or call anytime.

Kookaburra bird

Kookaburra bird

Kookaburra Facts 3: New Zealand

Around 1866 to 1880, the first kookaburra birds were taken to New Zealand. However, not all of them survived. The ones liberated by Sir George Grey survived in Kawau Island.

Kookaburra Facts 4: Kingfisher family

Kookaburra is included in the Kingfisher family.  It is considered as the largest members in the family.  The group is native to the eucalyptus forest in Eastern Australia.

Kookaburra Eats

Kookaburra Eats

Kookaburra Facts 5: female kookaburra

The female kookaburra has the weight round 455 grams or one pound. It can grow with the length of 45 cm or 18 inches.

Kookaburra Facts 6: beak

One of the important features that a kookaburra has is the beak. The length of this beak is 10 cm or 4 inches.  The functions are to snatch the small vertebrates or invertebrates.

Kookaburra facts

Kookaburra facts

Kookaburra Facts 7: prey

One of the main preys of Kookaburra was fowl.  The farmers living in New Zealand and Western Australia were upset with Kookaburra since they ate the fowl. Find out Kiwi bird facts for other info about bird.

Kookaburra Facts 8: appearance

Kookaburra has a cute and unique appearance. It was characterized with a white head and dark brown wing plumage. The tail comes in reddish color with black bars.

Kookaburra feather

Kookaburra feather

Kookaburra Facts 9: monogamous

Kookaburra is considered as a monogamous bird. It will nest in tree holes for they are the territorial birds.

Kookaburra Facts 10: eggs

The female kookaburra will lay one to five eggs. The parents will take care the fledging kookaburra until they are independent.



Even though the loss of habitat becomes the main threat of Kookaburra population, the bird does not earn the threatened report. Do you have opinion on facts about Kookaburra?

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