10 Interesting Animal Experimentation Facts

Saturday, September 7th 2013. | Animals

Let me tell you more about the animal experimentation facts. Animal experimentation has been protested by the animal right activists. To find out whether the experimentation is bad or not you need to know the true facts. For the people who love animal will find it so disgusting to know their animals used as the experiment in a lab. Here are the details facts to understand:

Animal Experimentation Facts 1: US Labs

What the scientists do in US lab regarding to experiment for animal is crippling and burning the animals. In a year, the US lab will use at least 100 million animals.

Animal Experimentation Facts 2: Experimented Animals

There are several types of animals used in the labs. Some of them include amphibians, reptiles, birds, rats, and mice. The animals are used because they only have minimal protection based on the AWA or Animal Welfare Act. Find more mice facts here.

Animal Experimentation Facts

Animal Experimentation Facts

Animal Experimentation Facts 3: Human Clinical Trials

The human critical trials are very import to do when a certain company wants to launch a new drug on the market. However, 92 of them do not work or just too dangerous after the human clinical trial has been done. However, when the drugs are experimented on the animals, they are effective and safe.

Animal Experimentation Facts 4: Animal Tested Statistic

More than 90 percent animals used by the US labs are not included in the statistic.

Animal Experimentation with Rats

Animal Experimentation with Rats

Animal Experimentation Facts 5: Protected Animals

Many animal right activists are very sad when it comes about the protection of animal. Even though there is an AWA regulation which is used to protect animal, many of them are tortured and abused by human easily. Look at animal rights facts here.

Animal Experimentation Facts 6: Pesticide

We know that pesticide is a very important tool that farmers use to eliminate the bugs and insects which can make their plants destroyed. To make sure that the pesticide is safe and works well, a single pesticide has to use at least 12,000 animals for the experimentation.

Animal Experimentation

Animal Experimentation

Animal Experimentation Facts 7: Cosmetic Test

The cosmetic test sues animal to ensure that it will never bring NY see effect on the human being. Some animals that the companies use for experimentation include pigs, rabbits, rats and mice.

Animal Experimentation Facts 8: Side Effect of Cosmetic Test on Animal

There are several side effects that the animals have after the experimentation such as the eye irritation and skin test. The most severe one is the lethal dose test. The animals have to eat a certain dose of drug to determine the right amount of dose which can cause death to human being.



Animal Experimentation Facts 9: Potential Carcinogen Test

The next test used by the lab includes the potential carcinogen test. It usually involves the pregnant animal and fetus because we should know whether the drug or cosmetic will bring side effect or not to the pregnant women and her child.

Animal Experimentation Facts 10: Tested Substance

By using animals as a test on the lab, people can get the new color for eye shadow, an improved detergent or even a safe drug.

Rat Experimentation

Rat Experimentation

There are many animal right organizations in the world work to protect the animals against the experimentation such PETA. They want to make people to use the animal friendly products. What do you think on facts about animal experimentation?

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