10 Interesting Queen Victoria Facts

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Queen Victoria Facts talk about one of the notable queens in the world.  I can say that she is the most famous queen in the history.  The long period of time in Britain was called Victorian age. It was derived from her name.

Queen Victoria Facts 1: the Victorian age

It is so easy to define the Victorian age since it has something to do with Victoria. The queen was on her reign for almost 60 years. There is no need to wonder that many things are associated with her such as the Victorian furniture, Victorian exterior, Victorian clothes or even Victorian style.

Queen Victoria Facts 2: date of birth

Queen Victoria was born in 1819. When she was 18 years old, she became the queen in 1837. She became a queen for more than 60 years. It was such as very long period. She passed away in January 1901.

Queen Victoria Facts

Queen Victoria Facts

Queen Victoria Facts 3: the first name

Many people think that Victoria is the first name of the queen. Actually it is her second name. Alexandrina is the first name of the queen. Therefore, she was called Drina when the queen was at young age.

Queen Victoria Facts 4: a pet

Queen Victoria had a lovely pet which could sing God Save the Queen.  She called it Coco. It was an African grey parrot.

Queen Victoria Image

Queen Victoria Image

Queen Victoria Facts 5: prime ministers

During his 60 years reign as a queen, there were 10 British prime ministers served her. The other British leaders who have more prime ministers are Queen Elizabeth with 12 prime ministers and George III with 14 prime ministers. Get facts about Queen Elizabeth II here.

Queen Victoria Facts 6: Queensland

Queensland is one of the famous states in Australia. Do you know that it was named after Queen Victoria? In 1859, the queen signed the order of Queensland’s statehood.

Queen Victoria Pic

Queen Victoria Pic

Queen Victoria Facts 7: pubs

Her name is very famous in United Kingdom. There is no need to wonder that Queen Victoria name is used in more than 50 pubs in the country.

Queen Victoria Facts 8: the first British monarch

Can you guess the first British monarch who owned a telephone, electric light and a ride on a train? She was Queen Victoria. Find out another queen in Facts about Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Queen Victoria Spinning Wheel

Queen Victoria Spinning Wheel

Queen Victoria Facts 9: parents

Let’s find out the parents of Queen Victoria. His father was Duke of Kent and Strathearn Prince Edward. He is the fourth son of King George III.

Queen Victoria Facts 10: husband

His husband was Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. He was her first cousin. Both married in 1840. They had nine children.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

Are you impressed reading facts about Queen Victoria?

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