10 Interesting Alexander Calder Facts

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An American sculptor is explained on Alexander Calder Facts. He was born on 22 July 1898 and died on 11 November 1976. Calder’s work is impressive and unique. He was the pioneer of a mobile moving sculpture. The air current will move the object, which has suspended or balanced shapes. The term stabiles are used to call the monumental stationary sculptures of Calder. Other works of Calder included a miniature of circus work and wire figures. Find out other interesting facts about Alexander Calder below:

Alexander Calder Facts 1: the birthplace and date of birth

The birthplace of Calder was located in Lawntown, Pennsylvania. The exact birth date of Calder still brings confusion to the people. The birth certificate of Alexander Calder was on 22 July. However, his mother said that his son was born on 22nd August. The family believed that the officials made mistake when writing the birth date of Calder.

Alexander Calder Facts 2: the grandfather of Calder

Alexander Milne Calder was the grandfather of Alexander. In 1868, he migrated to reach Philadelphia. The birthplace of his father was located in Scotland. The notable work of his grandfather was the colossal status of William Penn.

Alexander Calder 1969

Alexander Calder 1969

Alexander Calder Facts 3: the parents of Calder

The father of Calder was also known as a famous sculptor who had received many public commissions. His mother worked as a professional portrait artist. Get facts about Joan Aiken here.

Alexander Calder Facts 4: Theatrical productions

Do you know that Alexander Calder also involved in theatrical productions? He contributed to the stage sets for Work in Progress, Socrates and Panorama.

Alexander Calder Art

Alexander Calder Art

Alexander Calder Facts 5: monumental works

Calder was famous with his monumental works. He called the period as agrandissements in 1950s.

Alexander Calder Facts 6: the largest sculpture

El Sol Rojo was the largest sculpture ever created by Calder. It has the height of 25.7 metres. The construction took place in Mexico City at Aztec Stadium for Summer Olympics in 1968. Check facts about Aaron Rodgers here.

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder Facts 7: Bent Propeller

Bent Propeller was created by Calder. It sat in New York City after being installed at the entrance of North Tower in World Trade Center in 1971. On 11 September 2001, it was damaged.

Alexander Calder Facts 8: the massive project

Calder had a massive project, which involved 35-tons of sheet steel. Get facts about Aaron Rodgers here.

Alexander Calder Facts

Alexander Calder Facts

Alexander Calder Facts 9: other fields of art

Calder also involved in fields of art like printmaking and painting. He protested Vietnam War by making poster prints in 1967 until 1969.

Alexander Calder Facts 10: popularity

Calder was one of the most popular artists. His works awed the people.

Alexander Calder Image

Alexander Calder Image

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