10 Interesting Lebron James Facts

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Lebron James facts provide the people with interesting facts about the famous player of basketball. When he was in high school, Lebron was famous as an all state wide receiver. Actually he was a footballer in the junior years in high school. Look at the facts here for detail information about him.

Lebron James Facts 1: mother

Lebron’s mother was Gloria. Since the life of Lebron and his mother was not good, the family had to move 12 times when Lebron was only 5 and 8. When Lebron was born, his father left him.

Lebron James Facts 2: school

Since he had to move a lot with mother, Lebron often missed the school. When he was in the fourth grade, he missed more than 100 days of school. But then Gloria made her small family settled. But she was arrested after she had a quarrel in 2011 in Miami.

Lebron James Facts

Lebron James Facts

Lebron James Facts 3: Eddie Jackson

Eddie Jackson is the surrogate father of Lebron.  He was arrested for three years after he was in charge for cocaine trafficking. Lebron often said that he never met his biological father.

Lebron James Facts 4: friends

Not many people realize that Lebron is a friend of Jay Z. Both were when Jay Z also made friend with another famous rapper, Kanye West.

Lebron James Image

Lebron James Image

Lebron James Facts 5: overrated

Lebron was called by DeShawn Stevenson as an overrated player in the Wizards-Cavs series in 2008. To defense his friend, Jay Z recorded the Stevenson’s act when he dissed the track. Check another NBA legend in Larry Bird facts.

Lebron James Facts 6: Obama

Lebron has something to do with Barrack Obama.  He was the supporter of Barrack Obama. In 2008, Lebron gave $20,000 the campaign of Barrack Obama.

Lebron James NBA

Lebron James NBA

Lebron James Facts 7: early life

All of us know that Lebron spent most of his childhood time in Ohio. But Lebron was a fan of cowboys, bulls and Yankees.

Lebron James Facts 8: The Decision

Many people think that The Decision was a bad event. However, the event generated 2.5 million dollar for the charitable act to the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Lebron James Pic

Lebron James Pic

Lebron James Facts 9: Nightmare Team

The 2004 US Olympic basketball team was called as the Nightmare Team. Lebron was a part of the team. The team was a big failure because it could not give the country a gold medal.

Lebron James Facts 10: racial controversy

Lebron started a storm of racial controversy after he graced the cover of Vogue magazine.  He was depicted in a king kong pose.

Lebron James Pictures

Lebron James Pictures

Do you know that Lebron James is considered as the youngest rookie of the year ever? He is also named as an All NBA team.  Do you want to comment on facts about Lebron James?

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