10 Interesting Giacomo Balla Facts

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Giacomo Balla facts are uncommon for some people. If you are interested in learning about him, you really need to read the facts below. It can be your basic knowledge to learn about him indeed. So, let’s start below about his facts.

Giacomo Balla Facts 1: born

Giacomo Balla was born in Piedmont region within Italy. He was born in Turin. He was the son of certain photographer there. When he was a child, he had gained the study of music.

Giacomo Balla Facts 2:  childhood

His father died when he was at 9. By this reason, he gave up music and started to work in lithograph print shop. It was until the age of 20. He gained the interest in art and started to study painting in local academies.

Giacomo Balla  Pic

Giacomo Balla Pic

Giacomo Balla Facts 3:  Rome

He joined the academic studies at Turin University. Later he moved to Rome in the year 1895. There he met Elisa Marcuci and conducted marriage.

Giacomo Balla Facts 4: illustrator

He worked in Rome as illustrator for some years. He also was caricaturist and conducted portraiture. In 1899, he showed his work at Venice Biennale. His work of art also was on display at major Italian exhibitions in Venice and also Rome.

Giacomo Balla 1994

Giacomo Balla 1994

Giacomo Balla Facts 5: Ceredigion

He taught techniques of Divisionism to Gino Severini and Umberto around the year 1902. It was influenced by Marinetti. Later he adopted the style of futurism in creating speed, light, and movement depiction.

Giacomo Balla Facts 6: sculpting

He began to involve in sculpting in 1914. One year later, he created certain well-known sculpture called Boccioni’s Fist.

Giacomo Balla facts

Giacomo Balla facts

Giacomo Balla Facts 7: earliest works

He had some earliest works including the trains, automobiles, planes, and also machineries.

Giacomo Balla Facts 8:  second wave of futurism

He had achieved his new second wave of Futurism which had involved the motion of canvas capturing. The work also was dominated by the geometric shapes.

Giacomo Balla Unique

Giacomo Balla Unique

Giacomo Balla Facts 9: Hirschorn Museum

It is true that he had gained the fame because of his Futuristic paintings. He also had the popularity through his portrait paintings. Yet, the most recognizable one was his sculpture which is Boccioni’s Fist. It was housed within Hirschorn Museum in Washington D.C.

Giacomo Balla Facts 10: Futuristic lifestyle

He even tried to apply the Futuristic lifestyle including designing clothing, furniture, and others. He also named his daughters after 2 major elements of Futuristic such as Light and Propeller.

Giacomo Balla

Giacomo Balla

I think internet can be great source to get facts about Giacomo Balla. It is for people who want to find out more about this great artist.

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