10 Interesting Cambodia Facts

Tuesday, November 26th 2013. | Countries

Cambodia facts are very important for those who really need to pay attention in how to take benefits in gaining information to conduct efforts in visiting such country. In this case, let’s discuss further in how you can understand about the facts of such country.

Cambodia Facts 1: the flag

If you conduct review about the flag of such country, you may find out that Cambodia is the only country having the flag that has the image of building. The building within the flag of Cambodia is Angkor Wat. Just take a look on such flag actually.

Cambodia Facts 2: new government new name

Second fact which any of you should recognize is about the way such country may change its name whenever the new government is established. The latest government today, such country is called as Kingdom of Cambodia. Each government form indeed has its own quality and policy.



Cambodia Facts 3: Khmer Rouge

Next information which you should know about Cambodia is related to the history of the reign of Khmer Rouge. Within the 4 years of rule, you may notice about the death of one fifth population of Cambodia. Mostly of them are priests and educated people.

Cambodia Facts 4: marriage

Some people perhaps concern about his marriage status. The fact is that he has married for nearly 30 years and he has already 4 children. In fact he has two sons and also two daughters. If it is about the name, you can conduct review later.

Cambodia facts

Cambodia facts

Cambodia Facts 5: young population

It is no doubt that you may recognize about the fact that half of the population of Cambodia recently has the age less than 15 years old. It can be said that Cambodia has mostly young citizen. This may make such country gaining unique quality.

Cambodia Facts 6: birthday

It is true about the fact that mostly of people around the world may conduct celebration to their birthday. Yet, you may never know about the fact that in Cambodia, mostly people don’t do such kind of celebration. It means that mostly people in Cambodia don’t know about their age.

Cambodia scene

Cambodia scene

Cambodia Facts 7: income

Some of you perhaps may wonder about the income of such country right? The biggest source of income of such country is textile. If it is about the second biggest income, it is the tourism industry. It means that Cambodia is very popular among tourists.

Cambodia Facts 8:  deforestation

The rate of deforestation in Cambodia is high as well. You may recognize that Cambodia has lost about 25,000 square km within the year of 1990 and 2005.

Cambodia temple

Cambodia temple

Cambodia Facts 9: the head

You need to know that the head should not be touched even in very kind manner. It is the common rule and society law in Cambodia.

Cambodia Facts 10: the feet

You need also to pay attention not to show your tip of feet to people. So, you need to be careful if you sit somewhere.

Cambodia temples

Cambodia temples

By getting and understanding the facts about Cambodia, people indeed can be attentive not to conduct careless vacation in Cambodia.

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