10 Interesting Murcia Facts

Friday, August 15th 2014. | Cities

Murcia Facts present the interesting information about the unique city in the world. The location of this city is on the northeast of Andalusia. Read the following post below if you want to know the interesting places to visit in the city:

Murcia Facts 1: Huerta de Europa

Huerta de Europa was the nickname of Murcia. It means fruit, orchards or vegetable garden.

Murcia Facts 2: land the of Murcia

If you visit Murcia, you find that it has dry land. But the soil is very rich in minerals since the people can apply the deep irrigation. The climate in Murcia benefits the farmers a lot because they can get 330 days of sunshine in a year. It means they can have five times of harvest in one year.

Murcia at Night

Murcia at Night

Murcia Facts 3: many kinds of vegetables

There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits produced in Murcia such as cherry, almond, orange and lemon. Most of the products were exported to northern Europe. Get facts about orange here.

Murcia Facts 4: La Manga del Mar Menor

If you want to enjoy the most fabulous view in Murcia, you have to go to La Manga del Mar Menor in the summer season.  The residents are around 10,000 people. During the summer season, it can raise up to a half million people. The tourists come here to enjoy the beach resort. Get more beaches in Maldives facts.

Murcia Building

Murcia Building

Murcia Facts 5: the Murcia city

The capital city of the province is Murcia City. The inhabitants in the city are around 434,000 people. It is called as the largest city here.

Murcia Facts 6: Abd ar-Rahman II

Abd ar-Rahman II was the founder of Murcia City. He was the emir of Al-Andalus.

Murcia country

Murcia country

Murcia Facts 7: Museo Salzillo

Museo Salzillo is an artistic museum. It is created to honor the famous sculptor Francisco Salzillo. This man lived from 1707 till 1783. You can find many religious arts in this museum.

Murcia Facts 8: The Cathedral

Murcia City is also a good place for the people who want to know the Castilian Gothic styled Cathedral. It was created in 1394 till 1465.

Murcia Facts

Murcia Facts

Murcia Facts 9: the Episcopal Palace

If you have visited the cathedral in Murcia City, you have to go to Episcopal Palace. It was built in 1768. The wall reminds you with flowers. It is colorful and beautiful.

Murcia Facts 10: the beautiful city hall

Enjoy the beautiful city hall when you visit Murcia City. It is located in front of a park. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Segura River near the city hall.

Murcia Map

Murcia Map

Other interesting places to visit in Murcia include Monument to the Heroes of Cavite, Roman Theater, Church of Santo Domingo and Cartagena City Walls. Are you satisfied with facts about Murcia?

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