10 Interesting Honduras Facts

Friday, March 28th 2014. | Countries

The country Honduras is explained in Honduras facts. This is a home to more than 8 million people. When people visit Honduras, they will be amazed with agricultural system in the country. You can find out many kinds of bananas here. Find out more about Honduras below:

Honduras Facts 1: banana republic

Honduras has the nick name as a banana republic. The production of banana in their agricultural section is unbeatable.

Honduras Facts 2: border

Honduras is located in the Central American continent.  It is bordered by several countries. In the northeast of Honduras, you can see Guatemala. In the southwest, it is bordered by El Salvador. In the south, you can find Nicaragua. In the north and east, you can see Caribbean Sea.

Honduras Beaches

Honduras Beaches

Honduras Facts 3: Maya civilization

If you like to study about the Maya civilization, you can com to Honduras. You can find many ruins of the Maya people here. The most popular place to visit is the Copan ruins. People all over the world like to see the ruins which reflect the life style of the ancient Mayan.

Honduras Facts 4: languages

People in Honduras can speak some different languages. Some of them include English, Spanish, Miskito and Garifuna.  You can also find that the local people still speak the indigenous languages.

Honduras Facts

Honduras Facts

Honduras Facts 5: tourist

Even though Honduras is not as famous as Hawaii or even Bahamas, people love to visit this country. It is estimated that 1 million visitors come to Honduras each year.

Honduras Facts 6: Scarlet Macaw

Just like the states in US, Honduras also has their national bird. It is the Scarlet Macaw.

Honduras Island

Honduras Island

Honduras Facts 7: food

If you decide to enjoy the local food, you can find out that most Honduras cuisines are cooked by using coconut.

Honduras Facts 8: Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa is considered as the biggest city in Honduras. It is occupied by more than 1 million people.  The biggest cities in the country are La Lima, San Pedro Sula, Comayagua, El Progreso, Choloma, Puerto Cortes, and La Ceiba.

Honduras Mayan

Honduras Mayan

Honduras Facts 9: Cero Las Minas

Cero Las Minas is the highest mountain in Honduras.  It has the elevation around 2,870 meters.

Honduras Facts 10: currency

People in Honduras trade by using the local currency called Honduran Lempira or HNL.



As I have stated before, Honduras is bordered by Caribbean Sea. You can enjoy the beach scene when traveling to the country. Are you interested with facts about Honduras?

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