10 Interesting Panama Facts

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Panama Facts provide the interesting information about the country which has great loving life, wonderful beaches and pristine area. This country is a unique place for some people. You can enjoy the sunset on the Atlantic and sunrise on the Pacific from Panama.  It is the country where you can find such a wonderful view. Here are the complete Panama facts for you:

Panama Facts 1: Panama Canal

Panama Canal is one of the major transportation areas in the world. It was taken care by the United States troops. Since 1999, Panama has the full control over the canal. Check Panama canal facts here.

Panama Facts 2: the narrow distance

The land in Panama only spans on 80 kilometers.  It is the narrowest distance which separates the pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the people in Panama can see the sunrise in Pacific and sunset in Atlantic Ocean.

Panama Facts

Panama Facts

Panama Facts 3: birdwatching

If you want to know the most enjoyable bird watching in the world, you have to go to Panama. You can find multi world record of fishing and bird watching here. The birds from US, Canada and other parts of the world can be seen here.

Panama Facts 4: species

If you want to know the diversified wildlife, you have to come here. You will be served with special South American and North American species. There are 1,500 varieties of trees, 678 ferns, 1,200 varieties of orchids and many more.

Panama People

Panama People

Panama Facts 5: the national and official currency

The national currency in Panama is Balboa. But people use US dollar for the official currency. It is mainly used for bills.

Panama Facts 6: location

Panama is located in a safe place. The country will never be affected by the hurricanes or even tropical storms because it is located at the south of the hurricane alley.

Panama Pic

Panama Pic

Panama Facts 7: the Panama Canal

Between 1904 and 1914, the Panama Canal was created by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Panama Facts 8: sports

The most popular sport in Panama is baseball. But you can see people watching boxing and soccer.



Panama Facts 9: Mireya Moscoso

Mireya Moscoso is the first female president in Panama. She was appointed as the president in 1999.

Panama Facts 10: the famous athlete

Some of the famous athletes from Panama include Rod Carew who played baseball and Roberto Duran who played boxing.

What about the population of the people In Panama?   It has the lowest population in Central America. Most of the people here are Native American and Europeans. Are you impressed with facts about Panama?

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