10 Interesting Bolivia Facts

Monday, November 25th 2013. | Countries

Bolivia facts indeed may become the guides for any people who have decided to visit the country. The purpose indeed is to gain basic understanding about the city before you may spend the time of vacation within the country.

Bolivia Facts 1: rainfall

Any people who are going to visit Bolivia should recognize about the fact that such country is called as one of the wettest among any other countries all over the world. The climate is also unpredictable so you need to be prepared thoroughly in how to deal with it.

Bolivia Facts 2: the lake

Next important fact that you need to know about Bolivia is its lake. There you can visit certain lake called as Titicaca. What people should know is that the lake is the deepest as well as the highest and also navigable lake around the world.



Bolivia Facts 3: language and culture

It will be interesting in visiting Bolivia because of the fact that such country offers various cultures of native which reach the number of 36 and also huge amount of official language which is 30 languages. Commonly, people speak Spanish there.

Bolivia Facts 4: the capital

You need to know about the capital of Bolivia which is called La Paz. The fact is that it is the highest of administration capital around the world. In fact, it is located on 11,910 feet of attitude.

Bolivia Facts

Bolivia Facts

Bolivia Facts 5: salt beds

If it is about Bolivia, some people may have already recognized about certain salt beds called as The Salar de Uyuni. Such salt beds is decided to be the largest among the world. It is basic to recognize indeed.

Bolivia Facts 6: population

If you review about the population, you may recognize that Bolivia has 75% of population which is Roman Catholic. Yet, it doesn’t mean that there are no other religions believed within the country.

bolivia scene

bolivia scene

Bolivia Facts 7: industrial resources

Next fact is related to any different industrial resources produced from the country. You may recognize that such country may provide many industrial resources including zync, tungsten, hydropower, silver, petroleum, and many others.

Bolivia Facts 8:  agricultural products

Any people should recognize as well about any agricultural products which such country may produce including coffee, cola, potatoes, timber, and mostly the soybeans.

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia Facts 9: currency

Fact about the currency of Bolivia may become a must to recognize as well. You may notice that such country may use certain currency such as Boliviano. If it is about the National Day of Bolivia, it is in August 6th.

Bolivia Facts 10: butterfly sanctuary

What you need to know next about Bolivia is its largest sanctuary of butterfly. You can enjoy various folk music of Bolivia as well when visiting.

Palacio de Congresos Bolivia

Palacio de Congresos Bolivia

Bolivia will always become on of most interesting country to visit. In this case, you need to know how to gather facts about Bolivia first before you conduct vacation to the country if I may recommend.

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