10 Interesting Prophet Muhammad Facts

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Prophet Muhammad Facts talk about the Prophet of God for the Muslim people.  Muhammad claimed that he got a revelation from God and wrote it in Quran. It is a scared book of the Muslims in the world. He presented monotheism in the world. Actually it was against the norms of the Arabian people in the past.

Prophet Muhammad Facts 1: an inspirational leader

People agree to call Prophet Muhammad as the inspirational leader in the world. He was one of the founding fathers of the major religions in the world. Under his Islamic army, he could unite Arabia.

Prophet Muhammad Facts 2: the main military base

The main military base of Muhammad was in Medina. He could capture Mecca. It was his hometown. Until this present day, Mecca is called as the most important religious place for the Muslims.



Prophet Muhammad Facts 3: date of birth

Can you tell me the date of birth of Prophet Muhammad? He was born in 570 AD in Mecca. Some sources tell that he was born in 568 or 569 AD.

Prophet Muhammad Facts 4: parents

During his childhood time, Muhammad had to live as an orphan. His father was Abdullah. He passed away before Muhammad was even born. Then he had to lose his mother since Amina passed away when he was only six years old.

Mecca, Saudi Arab

Mecca, Saudi Arab

Prophet Muhammad Facts 5: who raised him?

After the death of his mother, his paternal grandfather took care of him. But Muhammad had to lose his grandfather after he passed away. Then his uncle Abu Talib raised him. His uncle was one of the important men in his life since he always supported Muhammad’s philosophies.

Prophet Muhammad Facts 6: a merchant

The young Muhammad soon became a merchant since he used to accompany the caravans of his uncle.



Prophet Muhammad Facts 7: Khadija

Khadija was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad. She was a widow. Both married when Khadija was 40 years old and Muhammad was around 25 or 26 years old. The marriage was a happy one despite the big age gap.

Prophet Muhammad Facts 8: a name

Muhammad had some nickname such as Al-Sadiq/ truthful and Al-amin/faithful. He got the beautiful nicknames since he was a honey and faithful man.



Prophet Muhammad Facts 9: the first revelation

Muhammad got the first revelation when he was 40 years old. At that time, he meditated at mount Hira. Jibril came and asked him to memorize a verse. After his meditation in Mount Hira, he went home and told it to his family. Find out more facts about Muhammad here.

Prophet Muhammad Facts 10: teaching

Spreading the teaching of Islam was not easy for Muhammad.  Many people in Mecca ridiculed him. The people did not want to banish the idol worship and polytheism. Islam taught them to embrace Monotheism and worship Allah. Get facts about Islam here.




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