10 Interesting Islam Facts

Friday, September 27th 2013. | Religion

Islam facts present the true information about one of the biggest religions in the world. Do you know the meaning of Islam? It is the Peace through the submission of God. Many people think that Islam is always associated with terrorist or even violence, it is not true. Here are the complete facts to give you full understanding:

Islam Facts 1: Muslim

Anyone or anything that submits itself to the God is called as Muslim. You can call people as Muslim if they embrace Islam.

Islam Facts 2: Abrahamic traditions

Islam is included as one of the three Abrahamic traditions along with Christianity and Judaism. This religion is not a cult.  There are more than 1.5 billion people around the world who embrace Islam. Find Christianity facts here.

Islam Facts

Islam Facts

Islam Facts 3: Five Pillars

There are five pillars that a Muslim should practice in Islam. Those are Shahadah, Formal prayer five times a day, Fasting, Poor-due “tax” and Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Islam Facts 4: Six Articles Of Faith

The Muslim people have to understand the six articles of faith. Some of them include the One God, all the prophets of God and the angels.



Islam Facts 5: Facets of Life

Islam is a religion which embraces all facts of your life. It talks about political, spiritual, moral, Intellectual, economical and moral values. See another religion in Judaism facts.

Islam Facts 6: Big Religion

Islam is a big religion in the world. It grows very fast. When people want to become a Muslim, they only have to state shahadah.



Islam Facts 7: Shahadah

Shahadah is used to bear witness to the faith and belief that there is only one God, Allah and the last prophet of God is Prophet Muhammad.

Islam Facts 8: Allah

Allah is gained from the Arabic word. It means God. Muslims all over the world believe that the personal name of God is Allah.



Islam Facts 9: God

You are wrong if you think that Allah is the only God for Muslim. It is also the God for all creations and people. There were many words of Allah appeared in Arab churches.  The word Allah is also used in Arab Christian and Jews.

Islam Facts 10: Concept of God

Islam had compassionate, merciful and; loving concept of God.  Muslim is thought to live in balance between hope and fear because Islam also believes in punishment.



There are 99 of Allah attributes in holy Quran.  The name Allah is also called as the Near, The protector, the All knower, the Last, The First, the Hidden, and many more. Muslim also believes that all prophets served different people at a different time for one submission to pray to Allah. Muslim will only worship Allah not worship Muhammad. Do you have any opinion on facts about Islam?

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