10 Interesting Pericles Facts

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Pericles Facts present the interesting information about the famous General and statesman in Greece. He was famous as the leader of Athens during the golden age. If you want to know his date of birth, death and early life, check out the facts below:

Pericles Facts 1: life span

Let’s find out the life span of Pericles. He was born in 495 BC in Athens Greece. He passed away on 429 BC in Athens Greece.

Pericles Facts 2: family’s of Pericles

Pericles came from the noble and wealthy family in Athens. His father was a well known general in Athens. His name was Xanthippus.

Pericles Classic

Pericles Classic

Pericles Facts 3: education

Due to the wealth that his family had, Pericles could learn the basic knowledge from various teachers in Athens. He could study philosophy, ethics, politics and music. Get facts about ancient Athens here.

Pericles Facts 4: Persian Wars

The first major assault from the Persian people was when Pericles was only three years old. He grew up during the era of Persian wars. The Greek people were the winner against the Persians in the battle of marathon.

Pericles Facts

Pericles Facts

Pericles Facts 5: the Persians attacked again

The Persians attacked again 10 years after the battle of marathon.  Since the city of Athens was much destroyed, Pericles had to run away from home. But he was able to return back at home after the Greek people won at the Battle of Salamis.

Pericles Facts 6: supporting the arts

Pericles was very supportive with the arts when he grew up as a young man. The Persians was the play of Aeschylus that Pericles sponsored. He became a very popular figure in Athens after The Persians who talked about the Battle of Salamis was well received by the Greek people.

Pericles Pic

Pericles Pic

Pericles Facts 7: Areopagus

Pericles took over the position of Areopagus. It was a powerful council leader in Athens.

Pericles Facts 8: a general

Pericles became a general. He was the leader in some successful military campaigns. He could create a colony in Thracian peninsula of Gallipoli after the conquer. Moreover, he also controlled Delphi from the Spartans.

Pericles Statue

Pericles Statue

Pericles Facts 9: Athenian democracy

Pericles is also a good thinker. He created new ideas about laws and Athenian democracy. He allowed the poor people who served on a jury.

Pericles Facts 10: the project

The famous project of Pericles was the Parthenon on the acropolis. This temple was used to honor goddess Athena. There were 20 thousand tons of marble used to create Parthenon. It was made in 447 BC until 438 BC.



The leadership of Pericles was called as the Golden Age in Athens because people lived well there. The arts were flourished too. You can also find out many magnificent buildings. Are you satisfied with facts about Pericles?

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