10 Interesting Hippocrates Facts

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Hippocrates facts are the collection of information that you can get from any different reference. Here I want to provide certain info that you need to take advantage from. So, you can get the more info to study about this famous physician.

Hippocrates Facts 1: who is he?

Hippocrates is Greek physician and recognized to be the father of medicine. He is believed to be born on Cos island. He also conducted many things there including to study about the father, traveling, and practice even to write.

Hippocrates Facts

Hippocrates Facts

Hippocrates Facts 2: Coan school

The Coan school which is formed around him was the important in order to separate medicine from philosophic and superstition speculation. It placed on scientific plane based observation and also deductive reasoning.

Hippocrates Facts 3: belief of disease

He had the belief that disease is caused by the result of imbalance of 4 bodily humors. He also believed that the goal of medicine should be to build the strength of patient by dieting and measurement of hygiene.

Hippocrates Image

Hippocrates Image

Hippocrates Facts 4: Cnidian school

There was a contrast to contemporary Cnidian school. It had the stress in detailed diagnosis and the classification of diseases ignoring the patient.

Hippocrates Pic

Hippocrates Pic

Hippocrates Facts 5: writings

There was large writings collection which is derived from Coan school. The collection has appeared in different translation as well.

Hippocrates Facts 6: the Hippocratic oath

It was true that Hippocratic oath cannot be directly credited to him. Yet, it really represents his ideals and principles. The oath still affects to the ethical conduct of any physicians nowadays.

Hippocrates Facts 7: natural cause of disease

He was the first man for believe that diseases were caused in natural aspects instead of the role of Gods or any superstition. He also was credited by the Pythagoras disciples of allying medicine and philosophy.

Hippocrates Statue

Hippocrates Statue

Hippocrates Facts 8:  medicine VS religion

HE separated the religion and medicine discipline. It means that there is no involvement of gods in the occurrence of disease.

Hippocrates Facts 9: Hippocratic medicine

Hippocratic medicine and any philosophy related are far removed from modern medicine. Recently, the physician focuses on specific diagnosis and specialized treatment. It was called as medication upon death as well.



Hippocrates Facts 10: Ancient Greek medical knowledge

Hippocratic Collection is widely known demonstrating Ancient Greek medical knowledge. It is the collection of 60 medical books wrote by him.

The facts about Hippocrates can be studied further if you do more research and study. It will be beneficial for you to recognize him.

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