10 Interesting Gareth Bale Facts

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Gareth Bale facts present about one of the famous footballer players in the world. This man has a lot of fans all over the world due to his ability to kick the ball. I will never doubt that he has a good mantra when playing on the grass field. Let’s get to know about him by reading the following post below:

Gareth Bale Facts 1: date of birth

Bale was born on 16th July 1989 in Cardiff. This man came from the sport family. It seems that he has the sport DNA from other members in the family. Do you know that his uncle Chris Pike was a journeyman pro? He had appeared in various clubs including Hereford United and Fulham.

Gareth Bale Facts 2: PE department’s prize

Even though Bale’s career as a footballer is not easy, he finally proved that he was a worth player. He got PE department’s prize in the final year when he studies in Whitchurch High School.

Gareth Bale Cute

Gareth Bale Cute

Gareth Bale Facts 3: height

Do you know the height of Gareth Bale? He now has the height of 6’0’’.

Gareth Bale Facts 4: winner debut

Bale had his early career in junior academy.  In 2006, he could take the Stains youths to win the Premier Academy League.

Gareth Bale Facts

Gareth Bale Facts

Gareth Bale Facts 5: senior debut

In the same years of 2006, he was appointed in his senior debut. He was only 16 years old and 275 days when he completed his first match.  His team fights against Millwaal with the score 2-0.

Gareth Bale Facts 6: Southampton second youngest ever player

Even though Bale is not the first youngest player, he was appointed a Southampton’s second youngest ever player. The first position was taken by Theo Walcott.

Gareth Bale Pic

Gareth Bale Pic

Gareth Bale Facts 7: the first senior goal

The first senior goal of Bale was scored when he played against Derby at Pride Park.

Gareth Bale Facts 8: player for Southampton

During his two seasons at Southampton, he made 45 appearances.

Gareth Bale Pose

Gareth Bale Pose

Gareth Bale Facts 9: awards

There are many kinds of awards that Bale received. In 2007, he was named the Football League Young Player of the Year.

Gareth Bale Facts 10: Tottenham

In May 2007, Bale made a big decision by moving to Tottenham from Southampton with the initial fee of £5m.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale

It seems that he made a good decision when moving to Tottenham since he could be a good star here. Are you fascinated with facts about Gareth Bale?

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