10 Interesting Muhammad Facts

Thursday, August 14th 2014. | Religion

If you want to study about Islam, you should never forget to learn about the last prophet in Muhammad Facts.  The Arabia was unified under Islam as a single religion. Muhammad came from Mecca. His life span was from 570 till 8 June 632.  Here are the interesting facts about Muhammad:

Muhammad Facts 1: the full name

Can you tell me the full name of Muhammad? Abu al-Qasim Mu?ammad ibn ?Abd Allah ibn ?Abd al-Mu??alib ibn Hashim is his full name.

Muhammad Facts 2: the last prophet

The Muslim people all over the world consider Muhammad as the last prophet sent by God, Allah.  He is also considered as a messenger in Islam. Learn more about Islam facts here.

Muhammad Arabic

Muhammad Arabic

Muhammad Facts 3: restoration

The Muslim and non Muslim people have different view about Muhammad. The Muslims consider him as the last prophet who restored the original monotheistic faith of Moses, Abraham, Noah, Adam, Jesus and many other prophets before him.

Muhammad Facts 4: early life

Let’s find out the early life of Muhammad. He was born around 570 CE in Mecca. In his early age, he lived as an orphan. Abu Talib raised him for he was his uncle.

Muhammad Facts

Muhammad Facts

Muhammad Facts 5: teenage years

In his teenage years, Muhammad worked as a merchant.

Muhammad Facts 6: death of Muhammad

Muhammad died in 632 after he felt ill after the Farewell Pilgrimage. Most people living in Arabian Peninsula were converted to Islam before his death.



Muhammad Facts 7: The Quran

Muslims consider the Quran as the holy book. The texts inside the Quran are very important because they present the words of God.

Muhammad Facts 8: death of the important people in Muhammad’s life

In c. 569 his father Abdullah died.   His mother, Aminah died in 576.  The death of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib was in 578.



Muhammad Facts 9: marriage

Muhammad married Khadijah in 595. His first daughter was born in 579. He named it Zainab. It followed by the birth of other daughters, Ruqayyah, Umm Khultoom, and Fatima Zahra.

Muhammad Facts 10: battles

There were battles occurred in Muhammad’s life. Those include Battle of Bard, Battle of Uhud and Battle of Trench.



In 629, Muhammad made a conquest to Mecca. Do you want to share opinion on facts about Muhammad?

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