10 Interesting Eric Cantona Facts

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Eric Cantona facts give you the interesting ideas about the former international football for the French national team and a French actor. People who love to watch footballer is familiar with his name. Let’s find out his journey to become a footballer and actor in France:

Eric Cantona Facts 1: date of birth

Eric Cantona was born with the full name of Erik Daniel Pierre Cantona on May 24th, 1966. He was born in Marseille.

Eric Cantona Facts 2: parents

His father worked as a painter and nurse. His name was Albert Cantona. His mother was a dress maker named Éléonore Raurich. He had two brothers, Jean-Marie and Joël. The family lived in a cave located in hill of Les Caillols area of Marseille.

Eric Cantona Facts

Eric Cantona Facts

Eric Cantona Facts 3: football career

Cantona started his footballer career when he joined SO Caillolais. It was a local team which can generate the prominent footballers such as Christophe Galtier, Jean Tigana and Roger Jouve. There were 200 matches that he played with his team.

Eric Cantona Facts 4: Auxerre

Auxerre was Cantona’s first professional club. He had to sit on the youth team for two years before he made his own debut on November 5th, 1983. He got a good victory when fighting with Nancy for 4-0 score.

Eric Cantona Hot

Eric Cantona Hot

Eric Cantona Facts 5: a poor disciplinary record

When he joined MU, he was caught in poor disciplinary record. He was awarded with 8 month suspension. Therefore his disciplinary was improved.

Eric Cantona Facts 6: clubs

There are many clubs that Cantona had joined during his professional football career such as Martigues, Auxerre, Leeds United, Nîmes, Bordeaux, Marseille, Manchester United and Montpellier.

Eric Cantona MU

Eric Cantona MU

Eric Cantona Facts 7: Manchester United career

When he joined Manchester United, this club gained four Premier League titles and FA Cup Doubles. He ended his football career in this club.

Eric Cantona Facts 8: iconic status

In Manchester United, he got a wonderful career. He played a key role. He was the icon with his shirt number 7.  The MU fans often called him King Eric.

Eric Cantona Nike

Eric Cantona Nike

Eric Cantona Facts 9: Inside United magazine

Inside United magazine placed him as the Manchester United’s greatest ever player by the fans.

Eric Cantona Facts 10: career cinema

In 1997, he retired from football. Then he decided to take a role career. In 1998, he had a role in a film Elizabeth. It was started by Cate Blanchett.

Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona

In 2008, he took part in French Film. In 2009, he was involved in a movie Looking For Eric. Do you have any opinion on facts about Eric Cantona?

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