10 Interesting Propane Facts

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Propane facts tell you about one of the gases used to create LPG or liquefied petroleum gas.  This LPG is made from the combination of butane, propane, butylenes and propylene. To create carbon dioxide and water, propane will be burnt through the presence of oxygen. Here are other interesting propane facts for you:

Propane Facts 1: the density of propane

The density of propane is 1.5 times than that of air if it comes in an unprocessed state. Therefore, it sinks to the ground. But if you have the liquid propane, you have to be careful with the evaporation. If it is stored in atmospheric pressure, it tends to evaporate.

Propane Facts 2: characteristics

In nature, propane is a non toxic gas. However, you have to be careful with this three carbon alkane, since it can burn with visible flame. Get facts about natural gas here.

Propane Delivery Truck

Propane Delivery Truck

Propane Facts 3: inhaling propane

If you unintentionally inhale propane, you can experience oxygen deprivation and asphyxiation. It is due to the fact that propane sometimes is mixed with other commercial products.

Propane Facts 4: Dr. Walter Snelling

Dr. Walter Snelling was the first person who identified propane in 1910. When he worked on the liquefied gas, he found that a bottle of propane can be used to light the house for 3 weeks. Then he decided to use the refining process of natural oil to produce the gas. Snelling got a patent for his production of pure form of propane in 1911.

Propane Energy

Propane Energy

Propane Facts 5: the low boiling point

Propane has a very low boiling point at -43.6° F. Thus, this gas is often used as a cooking fuel or for transportation since it is safe stored inside containers.

Propane Facts 6: usage

There are various usages of propane. It can be used to power locomotives, forklifts, water heaters, heating appliances, and heavy ice resurfacing machine.

Propane Facts

Propane Facts

Propane Facts 7: propane fuel

If you buy propane fuel, you will not get 100 percent propane gas. It is mixed with other elements. You will get 90 percent propane, odorant, propylene and 10 percent butane.

Propane Facts 8: fuel transportation

Propane is a special gas. It should be transported properly.  The service trucks or large tanks are used to transport the gas.  It is stored in compressed cylinders.

Propane Gas

Propane Gas

Propane Facts 9: size of the tanks

Propane is sold in tank. It comes in various sizes. You can choose the small, medium or big ones depending on the need.

Propane Facts 10:refrigerator

Do you know that refrigerator can be powered with propane?



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