10 Interesting Nickel Facts

Wednesday, August 27th 2014. | Science

If you are interested to know one kind of metal, you have to check Nickel Facts. When people keep nickel at a room temperature, the metal becomes ferromagnetic. Even though nickel has been used in various products, you have to be careful with compound of nickel. It can be carcinogenic for human being. It is estimated that 10 to 20 percent people in the world develop sensitivity to nickel. It is better for you to avoid using nickel jewelry. Here are facts about Nickel for you:

Nickel Facts 1: negative effect

The people who have high sensitivity with nickel should avoid having contact with this metal.  If you have the large amount of nickel compound, you can develop disease such as nasal cancer, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. Get facts about lung cancer here

Nickel Facts 2: toxic gas

You have to avoid the toxic gas or nickel carbonyl if you want to avoid any lung problem.

Nickel 28

Nickel 28

Nickel Facts 3: characteristics of nickel

Let’s find out the characteristics of nickel. Even though nickel is a hard material, it is ductile and malleable. It comes in silver white color. It can resist the contact with air. You can make it look shining with high polish.

Nickel Facts 4: conductor

Nickel is very helpful for the people who want to get fine conductor for the electricity.

Nickel Coins

Nickel Coins

Nickel Facts 5: the usage of nickel

The main usage of nickel is for the anti corrosion alloys. Nickel is also manufactured to create tubing for the desalination plants.

Nickel Facts 6: coins

The main material in the coins is nickel. This material is used to create batteries, magnets and armor plate and burglar proof.

Nickel Element

Nickel Element

Nickel Facts 7: source of nickel

Nickel can be free in nature, but people get abundant nickel in ores. Some ores containing nickel include garnierite, pyrrhtoite, pentlandite, niccolite and millerite.

Nickel Facts 8: isotopes

There are 23 isotopes that nickel has.  But it only has 5 stable isotopes. Those are 64Ni, 62Ni, 61Ni, 60Ni and 58Ni.

Nickel Facts

Nickel Facts

Nickel Facts 9: metallic meteorites

Metallic meteorites contain nickel. This metal has been known by the people in ancient time.  The beans in grave of Egypt were created from the metallic meteorites containing nickel. It can be dated back in 500 years ago.

Nickel Facts 10: nickel as an element

In the periodic table, nickel has the atomic number of 28. It has the weight of 58.6934.  It is symbolized in Ni.



In 1751, Axel Cronstedt from Sweden discovered nickel. It has the melting point of 1726 K and boiling point of 3005 K. Are you impressed with facts about nickel?

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