10 Interesting Soil Facts

Tuesday, September 1st 2015. | Science

Soil Facts present the information about the mixture of several components such as the gases, organic matter, mineral, and liquids. Soil is very important for the life of the living organisms.  You can find myriad of organisms living in the soil. There are four functions served by the soil. If you are interested to know more about it, check the following post below:

Soil Facts 1: the function of soil

Can you mention the function of soil? The soil is used as a medium to store water and grow plants. It is also used as a place of living for some organisms. It is also used as a modifier for the earth’s atmosphere.

Soil Facts 2: the skin of earth

The skin of earth is the term to call soil. The presence of soil as a part of earth always crosses the line with biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.

Soil Facts

Soil Facts

Soil Facts 3: the component of soil

The components that you can find on the soil are affected by the slope of terrain orientation and elevation.  Soil can be found in porous phase and solid phase. The latter one is used to signify the presence of organic matters and minerals. The former one is used to identify the presence of water and gases. Get facts about plants here.

Soil Facts 4: the density

Can you guess the density of soil?  On average, it has the density around 1 to 2 grams per cm 3.

Soil Texture

Soil Texture

Soil Facts 5: the study of soil

If you are interested to study more about soil, you need to look at the right sciences. You can learn edaphology and pedology more. The influence of soil for the living organism is explained in edaphology. The latter one allows you to learn about the soil classification, description and formation.

Soil Facts 6: soil and atmosphere

Soil is very important for the natural environment. Do you know that the atmosphere of earth is affected by soil? The atmosphere will get more carbon dioxide if the soil is warm. Therefore, the effect of global warming affects the soil and atmosphere. Find facts about biology here.



Soil Facts 7: the organisms inside the soil

Can you count the number of organisms which live on the soil? It is around billions of organisms.

Soil Facts 8: soil and plant

Soil is very important for the growth of plant. It gives the plants nutrients, water, air, toxin protection and temperature moderation.

Soil and Plants

Soil and Plants

Soil Facts 9: the soil texture

The texture of soil is determined by the presence of clay, silt and sand.

Soil Facts 10: minerals

There are several minerals which form soil. Those are feldspar, quartz, calcite and mica.

Soil Picture

Soil Picture

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