10 Interesting Fluorine Facts

Sunday, January 26th 2014. | Science

Fluorine facts are collection of information related to this chemical. There are some facts you need to know the most. Recognizing about fluorine may help you to study better about chemistry. Some of you I believe gain the best interest of it.

Fluorine Facts 1: word origin

Learning the fluorine should start from the word origin. Fluorine has the word origin from both French and Latin. It is fluere. It means flux or flow actually.

Fluorine Facts 2: discovery

There was a person named Georigius Agricola. He had described the use of fluorspar in 1529 as a flux. Later in 1670, Schwandhard discovered that glass may occur when it is exposed to the fluorspar if it is treated with acid. Yet, it was Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan who isolated it in the year 1866.

Fluorine Atom

Fluorine Atom

Fluorine Facts 3: the properties

If you review about the properties of fluorine, it is composed from fluorite or calcium fluoride, which can form regular crystals. It is California having much amount of fluorite deposits. You can find major deposits as well in Argentina and also Alaska.

Fluorine Facts 4: more properties

Fluorine gas has the form of pale yellow. It is also corrosive which may react to mostly both inorganic and organic substances. It also is divided finely to metals, ceramics, glass, carbon, and also water burn.

Fluorine Block

Fluorine Block

Fluorine Facts 5: World War II

There was no production for commercial of such element until World War II. The biggest production of fluorine is nuclear bomb and also other nuclear energy applications. It is required to produce large quantities within the World War II era.

Fluorine Facts 6: drinking water

Fluorine can be the soluble fluoride in drinking water. It can help people in preventing any cavities in their teeth. Yet, for the children, it can make them suffering from mottled enamel on their teeth.



Fluorine Facts 7: reactive element

It is true that fluorine is the most reactive element. In fact, it can react worst to any other elements. Yet, it may no react to some elements including krypton, neon, helium, and also oxygen.

Fluorine Facts 8:  halogen group

In fact, fluorine is the first element within halogens group. It belongs to the 17th column in periodic table. Fluorine atoms have about 9 protons and 9 electrons. You can notice that it is also rare element which you can find in universe.

Fluorine facts

Fluorine facts

Fluorine Facts 9: it doesn’t occur as free element

It is so reactive. Therefore you cannot find fluorine freely in nature. Yet, you can get fluorine within minerals in the crust of the Earth. They include fluorapatite, cryolite, and also fluorspar.

Fluorine Facts 10: fluoride

There is another application of fluorine. It is as fluoride. It is the reduced form of fluorine. The basic function of fluoride is to conduct prevention to the tooth decay. Usually, you can find it on any toothpaste.

Fluorine Element

Fluorine Element

Learning chemistry is as fun as learning facts about Fluorine. There are more facts to read about out there.

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