10 Interesting Pregnancy Facts

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Pregnancy facts make you amazed with the growth of a tiny creature inside your body. The baby in a size of pinhead will grow bigger after it reaches 9 months. Pregnancy can be one of the most lovable journeys for a woman. The people who have been married for several years will always want to have kids. Here are several facts about pregnancy to know:

Pregnancy Facts 1: Bigger Organs

Because of the extra workload in the body, the organs such as heart will be enlarged. The uterus also grows bigger as your baby develops from time to time. If you want to be comfortable during the pregnancy time, I suggest you to stay with proper posture. Get more information in human body facts.

Pregnancy Facts 2: Soften Bones

The ligaments inside the body will be relaxed because of the high level of estrogen. However, many pregnant women face the back pain because of the extra stain on the joints and muscles.

Pregnancy Foetus

Pregnancy Foetus

Pregnancy Facts 3: Swelling

Swelling is a common thing to face by a pregnant woman. You can help the body by putting your feet higher for about 10 up 15 minutes.

Pregnancy Facts 4: Change in the Skin

Stretch is the common skin problem faced by the women. It is due to the fact that the skin tears. If you want to decrease the stretchmark, you can use moisturizer. Even though the stretchmark will never disappear, it can fade away with the right treatment.

Pregnancy  facts

Pregnancy facts

Pregnancy Facts 5: Blue Veins

Blue veins sometimes appear in some women. You need to have a simple exercise during the pregnancy to avoid this condition.

Pregnancy Facts 6: Bigger Womb

In the beginning of the pregnancy, your stomach is small. It will bigger and bigger just like a size for a big watermelon. To make you relax, you can do OFP. It can make sure that the baby comes in the right position. Don’t forget to read nutrition facts to know the food for pregnant women.

pregnant woman

pregnant woman

Pregnancy Facts 7: Thicker Hair

The estrogen reception makes your hair grow thicker and glossier. You can are lucky because the hair loss is decreased. There is no need to worry if you find that after the birth you find many hair losses.

Pregnancy Facts 8: Urinary Problem

There are several types of problems that pregnant women experience. One of them is the urinary problem. Many women are prone to this condition. To avoid it, you can drink cranberry juice other than coffee or tea.

stages of pregnancy

stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy Facts 9: Stretchy Body

Compared to the normal condition, your body is stretcher. It is because of the reduced ligament and cartilage density. You need to treat the body gently to avoid any stretchy feeling.

Pregnancy Facts 10: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is characterized with tingling and numbness. The woman in pregnancy is very risky to this condition. However, it will disappear after you give birth.



The pregnant women will produce more blood than usual. To make sure that it is normal, you can check the iron level in the body. What do you think on facts about pregnancy?

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