10 Interesting the Integumentary System Facts

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If you are interested to know more about the organ system protecting the body from different kinds of damages, you have to look at The Integumentary System Facts. The abrasion from outside the body as well as the lost of water will create damages on the body. Since integumentary system has the job to prevent any damages, the system will handle the problem. Check other interesting facts about integumentary system below:

The Integumentary System Facts 1: the components of integumentary system

Can you mention some components of integumentary system? They include skin and appendages. The latter one includes nails, hooves, feathers, scales and hair.

The Integumentary System Facts 2: the function of integumentary system

There is a wide array of functions that you can find in integumentary system. It is considered as the attachment site for sensory receptors. Therefore, the body can detect the sensation, temperature, pain and pressure.  Integumentary system also regulates the temperature, excrete wastes and protect the deeper tissues.

Facts about The Integumentary System

Facts about The Integumentary System

The Integumentary System Facts 3: the largest organ

Do you know the largest organ in the body? It is our skin. The surface area covered by the skin is around 1.5 until 2 meter square. The weight of skin occupies around 12% till 15% of the total body.

The Integumentary System Facts 4: the layers of integumentary system

There are two primary layers of tissues that you can find on the skin of human body. Those are dermis and epidermis. Hypodermis is not included as a part of skin. Get facts about the Gallbladder here.

The Integumentary System Pictures

The Integumentary System Pictures

The Integumentary System Facts 5: the epidermis

The body is protected from the external environment by the outermost layer of skin called epidermis.

The Integumentary System Facts 6: the dermis

There are two sections found on the dermis. Both are the reticular and papillary layers.

The Integumentary System Facts

The Integumentary System Facts

The Integumentary System Facts 7: the components of dermis

The muscular tissue, sensory nerve endings, hair roots, connective tissues, glands, vessels and follicles are located in the dermis.

The Integumentary System Facts 8: the hypodermis

The hypodermis is the deepest layer. But it is not a part of skin. The adipose tissue is the main component in the layer.

The Integumentary System

The Integumentary System

The Integumentary System Facts 9: the top layer of the skin

The epithelial cells compose the top layer of skin. The homeostasis, nutrient absorption and protection are the main functions of the top layer. Find facts about the Endocrine system here.

The Integumentary System Facts 10: the keratinized skin

The keratinized state can be found on most areas of skin. The lining skin inside the mouth is the only non keratinized skin.

The Integumentary System Image

The Integumentary System Image

Do you have any more ideas on facts about the Integumentary System?

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