10 Interesting Drug Facts

Thursday, January 2nd 2014. | Science

By reading drug facts, you will know that all people in the world are drug using society. When you get sick, the first thing which comes on your mind is finding the drug to cure the pain. You can easily get the drug on the drug stores in your town. If your disease is very serious, you need to see the doctor so that he or she can give you prescription.

Drug Facts 1: Cigarettes

It is estimated that 17 percent of the people living in Victoria, Australia use cigarettes. You can also find some people use heroine, amphetamines and marijuana. This drug abuse should be covered by the law.

Drug Facts 2: effect of cigarettes

Smoking can be a relieving activity to do. However, you only put the lung and heart in danger because cigarette gives you negative effects. People are in a big risk to experience the lung cancer, hearth attack and impotence.

Drug Reserach

Drug Reserach

Drug Facts 3: usage

One of the most popular drugs used by people in their daily life is aspirin. This drug can be found in various drugs stores. You can buy it without any prescription. The main function is to reduce the pain of headache.

Drug Facts 4: drug users

To ensure that there is no drug abuse, the drug users should be aware with the function and dosage of the drug.  It will need an understanding before they consume the drug.



Drug Facts 5: heroin

Using heroin without the supervision of the doctor is considered as an illegal act. However, this drug is always used by the teenagers in the age less than 18 years old.

Drug Facts 6: users of heroin

The recent study stated that less that 2 percent of the teens with age more at 14 years old have consumed heroin.

Drug Types

Drug Types

Drug Facts 7: legal drugs

Sometimes children do not know about the legal or illegal drugs. Parents should notify them so that they were not involved with drug abuse. The legal drugs include the prescription drugs and alcohol. They can be harmful as the illegal drug if you do not consume then properly.

Drug Facts 8: illegal drugs

Illegal drugs usage is illegal because it can give negative side effect to the body of human being. You cannot be sure about the ingredients inside the drugs. Some illegal drugs that you need to avoid include marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and many more.

Drug Work

Drug Work

Drug Facts 9: at one time

Sometimes people make mistake when consuming the drug.  You need to take it at one time. You should never mix the drug with other ingredients such as alcohol or soda. It can be a lethal drug for you.

Drug Facts 10: the biggest killer drug

Do you know that the biggest killer drug is tobacco? When people take tobacco in a very long time, they are prone to heart disease, stroke, emphysema, and lung cancer.



The young people are prone to binge drinking. You need to inform them about the risk of binge drinking since it can make them end up in violence, unsafe sex, brain damage and traffic accident. Are you aware on facts about drugs?

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