10 Interesting Nuclear Energy Facts

Thursday, September 4th 2014. | Technology

Let’s find out the interesting Nuclear Energy Facts if you want to know the usage of nuclear fission.   You can find many nuclear plants located in some biggest countries in the world.  The power plants use the nuclear fission technology which enables the spilt of an atom into two. Here are the detail facts about nuclear energy for you:

Nuclear Energy Facts 1: Nucler fission or nuclear fusion

Now the scientists want to develop the nuclear fusion technology because it is safer compared to the nuclear fission.  The process only needs the lower temperature. However, this technology has not been used in a big nuclear plant.

Nuclear Energy Facts 2: a nonrenewable source

The main material used in the nuclear power plant is from the nonrenewable source. It is the uranium. To get it, the people have to mine it from the earth.

Nuclear Energy Explosion

Nuclear Energy Explosion

Nuclear Energy Facts 3: electricity

The nuclear energy can be used to produce electricity. It is safer to earth because only 13 percent of the electricity production from the nuclear plants releases the greenhouse gasses.

Nuclear Energy Facts 4: the shutting down

A regular shut down should be conducted for every 18 or 24 months on the nuclear power plant.  This reason of this procedure is to eliminate the radioactive waste from the uranium fuel.

Nuclear Energy Manufacturer

Nuclear Energy Manufacturer

Nuclear Energy Facts 5: the usage of nuclear energy

The nuclear energy has been used by more than 30 countries in the world.

Nuclear Energy Facts 6: nuclear energy in United States

The nuclear energy in United States can produce the low emission power in more than 70 percent of the nuclear plants.

Nuclear Energy Facts

Nuclear Energy Facts

Nuclear Energy Facts 7: electricity in United States

United States is one of the leading countries in nuclear energy. Because of the low emission, 1 of 5 households in United States uses the electricity powered by the nuclear energy.

Nuclear Energy Facts 8: radioactive waste

Each year, there is 2,000 metric tons of radioactive waste produced by the power plants in United States.

Nuclear Energy Process

Nuclear Energy Process

Nuclear Energy Facts 9: the facilities

The construction of new nuclear facilities gives 1,400 to 3,500 jobs. After the construction is completed, there are 400 to 700 permanent jobs for the people. The average salary that the people get is 40 percent higher than the people in the vicinity of the power plants.

Nuclear Energy Facts 10: the efficiency

The efficiency rate of nuclear power facility is 91 percent. It can produce the lowest emission rate. It can be used as the weapon too. Check nuclear weapon facts for detail info.

Nuclear Energy Production

Nuclear Energy Production

The nuclear fission used by the people can increase electricity and heat. Are you wondered with facts of nuclear energy?

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