10 interesting Pneumonia Facts

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Pneumonia Facts elaborate the detail facts about one of the diseases which affects the respiratory system. There are many children under age of five infected by pneumonia. If the disease is not treated well, they could die because of pneumonia in the past. But today, people can solve it due to the modern technology and science. Here are the facts about pneumonia for you:

Pneumonia Facts 1: the children

The risk of the children under age five having pneumonia is higher if you compare it with any other disease. The report states that it kills a young life in each 20 seconds. There is no need to wonder that his disease can kill 4,300 children in one day.

Pneumonia Facts 2: the industrialized countries

The children who live in the industrialized countries die more than the children who live in developing countries. It is states that 2000 children die more in the industrialized countries.

pneumonia Facts

pneumonia Facts

Pneumonia Facts 3: poverty

Poverty also affects the risk of the children to die because of pneumonia.  The higher risk can be seen on the children at the age under five years old.

Pneumonia Facts 4: developing countries

The number of the children die because of pneumonia in developing countries is also higher. It is estimated that 98 percent of children who had pneumonia live there.

pneumonia image

pneumonia image

Pneumonia Facts 5: big payment

The people who live in developing countries do not have much money to cover all payment. The financial cost for this disease includes the transportation to the health center, hospital stays, medication, and paying the caretakers. If the family of the children is very poor, they cannot cover the financial cost. It makes then drag even deeper in poverty. Check another disease in lung cancer facts.

Pneumonia Facts 6: hospitalized

There are more than 11 million children in the world hospitalized because of pneumonia. In the developing countries, the people report than there are 150 million cases of pneumonia.

pneumonia patient

pneumonia patient

Pneumonia Facts 7: breastfeeding

If you want to increase the immunity of the children and protect them from pneumonia and other diseases, you need to get the children breastfeeding during the first six months after the baby was born.

Pneumonia Facts 8: serious pneumonia

If the children are affected with serious pneumonia, you can buy the antibiotic prescribed by the doctors with the price less than a dollar per dosage.

pneumonia Pic

pneumonia Pic

Pneumonia Facts 9: pneumococcal disease

There are many types of pneumococcal disease. One of them is pneumonia or lung infection. Other types of diseases include meningitis and bacteremia. Get facts about lung here.

Pneumonia Facts 10: adult’s pneumococcal disease

Pneumococcal disease often affects adults than children.



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