10 Interesting Melanoma Facts

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The people who want to know Melanoma Facts need to read the following post. Melanoma is a skin cancer which affects the health of the people. It spreads quickly if you compare it with other types of skin cancers.  See the post below for detail facts.

Melanoma Facts 1: development of melanoma in America

Melanoma is considered as a common skin cancer in America. 1 from 50 people in American develops this skin cancer in their life time.

Melanoma Facts 2: the common cancer

Men and women with the age around 15 to 29 years old should be careful with melanoma. This skin cancer type is often found on them. Check skin cancer facts here.

Melanoma facts

Melanoma facts

Melanoma Facts 3: a treatable skin cancer

Actually melanoma is a treatable skin cancer if it is caught at the earliest stage. You need to make sure that you are aware with the symptoms of melanoma. Therefore, the immediate treatment can be applied. Actually it is not be easy to treat the skin cancer since it can spread quickly.

Melanoma Facts 4: a mole

The main symptom of melanoma can be seen on the mole. Some people think that a mole is beauty mark. Actually it can be a symptom of a melanoma. You need to ask the dermatologist so that the mole can be identified clearly.

Melanoma image

Melanoma image

Melanoma Facts 5: risk factors

Do you know that the risk factors of melanoma? The factors can be seen severe sunburn, family history, fair skin complexion, and family history.

Melanoma Facts 6: tanning bed

Tanning bed is a not good for the women who want to enjoy darker skin completion. Actually it is not healthy. The skin will be exposed to UVA radiant three times bigger than the radiant under the sunlight.

Melanoma pic

Melanoma pic

Melanoma Facts 7: tanning bed and UV rays

Do you know the way the radiation damages the skin?  The UV A ray will penetrate inside the skin fiber and damage it. It reduces the elasticity of the skin and creates wrinkles, premature aging and leathery skin.

Melanoma Facts 8: how to avoid melanoma

Can you show me the way to reduce the risk of having melanoma?  You can decrease the risk by avoiding the intense sunlight and tanning bed. It will be better if you can use sunscreen when you do activities under the sunlight.

Melanoma skin cancer

Melanoma skin cancer

Melanoma Facts 9: an epidemic rate

Do you know that the epidemic rate of melanoma is increased 3 percent every year?

Melanoma Facts 10: the increased risk

The risk of getting melanoma is increased from time to time. In 1940s, there was one for 1500 people. In 2004, the rate was 1 in 67 people. In 2010, it was 1 in 50 people.



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