10 Interesting Meningitis Facts

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Meningitis Facts inform you with one of the deadly diseases in the world. It can be found not only on adults but also on kids. You have to be careful with meningitis since people often neglect the symptoms. Here are facts about meningitis for you:

Meningitis Facts 1: what causes meningitis?

Do you know the causes of meningitis? It occurs because the protective membranes which cover the spinal cord and brains, Meninges having an inflammation. The inflammation itself is caused by an infection of fluid located around the spinal cord and brain. Read brain facts here.

Meningitis Facts 2: bacterial meningitis

The bacterial meningitis is very contagious. It comes in various strains.

Meningitis disease

Meningitis disease

Meningitis Facts 3: types of meningitis

There are five types of meningitis. Those are non infectious, fungal, parasitic, viral and bacterial meningitis.  The less severe type of meningitis is the viral one.

Meningitis Facts 4: the non contagious meningitis

The types of meningitis included in the non contagious ones include the non infectious, parasitic, viral and fungal meningitis. The types of meningitis which are rare to infect human being include the parasites and fungal meningitis.

Meningitis in baby

Meningitis in baby

Meningitis Facts 5: the common infection

Let’s talk about the common infection of meningitis. It happens because of viral infection. Just like its name suggested, the viral meningitis occurs because of the virus infection. A virus travels along the brain through the mouth or nose. People who never have proper hand washing should be careful with the risk of viral infection.

Meningitis Facts 6: non infectious meningitis

There are several causes of non infectious meningitis such as cancer, certain drugs, physical injury and systemic lupus.

Meningitis pic

Meningitis pic

Meningitis Facts 7: parasitic meningitis

Do you know the causes of parasitic meningitis?   It infects the human brain from of the water, food and soil contamination.

Meningitis Facts 8: fungal meningitis

When you inhale the affected spores, you can be the subject of fungal meningitis.

Meningitis Symptoms

Meningitis Symptoms

Meningitis Facts 9: symptoms

Let’s find out the symptoms of meningitis. Some of them include the sensitivity to light, vomiting, and mental change, high fever, stiff neck, rash on skin, headache and nausea.

Meningitis Facts 10: treatment of bacterial meningitis

The doctors or paramedics can use antibiotics to treat the bacterial meningitis.



People with viral meningitis should take plenty of water, have good bed rest and pain medication of aches on the body. Do you want to comment on facts about meningitis?

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