10 Interesting Heart Disease Facts

Sunday, March 16th 2014. | Diseases

Heart Disease facts are important to learn because it contains information about such disease and any related possibilities in how to deal with it. There are even many facts which you don’t know about it actually. So, just read below.

Heart Disease Facts 1: women

Heart disease not only occurs in men but also women. In fact, the coronary heart disease becomes the main cause of death of many women in United States. It is also a fact that twice of many women in US dies because of such disease rather than cancer.

Heart Disease Facts 2: silent killer

It is a fact that heart disease can be silent without any symptoms. Therefore, you need to be attentive in checking about the possible symptoms which any people often suffer. It will help you gaining better information actually.

Heart Disease facts

Heart Disease facts

Heart Disease Facts 3: smoking

Smoking is recognized to be one of the factors causing heart disease. It can really increase the high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Heart Disease Facts 4: obesity

You need to know as well that your obesity can be the major trigger of heart disease. Therefore, you should avoid eating without any controls in order to avoid such kind of disease which may take many problems in your life.

Heart Disease Image

Heart Disease Image

Heart Disease Facts 5: birth control pills

Women who often take birth control pills have the bigger risk in how to suffer from heart disease compared to those who never use it.

Heart Disease Facts 6: alcohol

It always becomes the fact as well that excessive alcohol intake may lead any people to suffer from heart disease. Reduce your alcohol intake can really lower the risk in suffering from such heart disease.

Heart Disease Pic

Heart Disease Pic

Heart Disease Facts 7: the tests

People can conduct diagnostic tests in order to confirm about the presence of such disease. There are even more tests which you conduct in order to deal with heart disease.

Heart Disease Facts 8:  treatment

Learning the fact about heart disease is to recognize as well about the treatment. Lifestyle changes can be your basic treatment. You can also take benefit from medications in order to do treatment about it.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Heart Disease Facts 9: hormone replacement therapy

HRT is the prescription to deal with menopause symptoms. There are people who have proved that the pills can provide the reduction for the heart disease.

Heart Disease Facts 10: risk of Estrogen therapy

Any women should avoid in applying Estrogen therapy. It has the risk in developing breast cancer actually.



The facts about Heart Disease are collections of info about this disease. Just make sure that you get the most appropriate information to get further about the disease. So, just read more textbooks and health articles therefore.

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