10 Interesting Cancer Facts

Sunday, September 8th 2013. | Diseases

Find out more information about cancer by reading the whole post about cancer facts. Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that many people have today. The unhealthy lifestyle is the main problem which leads people to have abnormal cell inside their body. There are many types of cancer. It can be prostate cancer, color cancer or even skin cancer. Get more information below:

Cancer Facts 1: Risk for Cancer

The risk of cancer is getting higher if you live in unhealthy environment and unhealthy lifestyle. Some factors which contribute much to the growth of cancer cell inside the body include the lack of physical exercise, smoking, pollutants, radiation, obesity and infection.

Cancer Facts 2: Hereditary

The risk of having the hereditary cancer is only about 5 to 10 percent. Most people have cancer cell inside their body because of the combination of environmental issues and hereditary.

cancer cells

cancer cells

Cancer Facts 3: Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is often faced by men. This condition is mainly because for smoking. In the last decade, it is estimated that tobacco had killed more than 50 million people. Even though you are a non-smoker, you need to be careful because the passive smoker can make you exposed to tobacco. Read lung cancer facts here.

Cancer Facts 4: Colon Cancer

If you want to lower the risk of having color cancer, you need to ensure that you can sleep at least 6 hours. The risk is bigger if you sleep lower than six hours.

Anti cancer

Anti cancer

Cancer Facts 5: Characteristic of Cell Cancer

People should know that cancer cells have two different characteristics. It is called metastasis. It refers to the ability for the cancer cell to spread to other parts for the body. Another characteristic is the abnormal cell growth.

Cancer Facts 6: Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is often faced by the people living in US. Melanoma cancer can make people died if it is untreated.Find skin cancer facts here.

cancer on kid

cancer on kid

Cancer Facts 7: Deaths

The people die because of cancer is higher if you compare with other combined diseases of malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.

Cancer Facts 8: Risk of Death

The leading cause for death in developed country is cancer. It sits in the second position as the leading cause of death in developing countries. The first leading cause is heart disease.

Cancer facts

Cancer facts

Cancer Facts 9: Xentoropic Murine Leukemia Virus-Related Virus

Xentoropic murine leukemia virus-related virus or XMRV is a virus that scientists find on cells of prostate. It is stated that this virus probably plays an important part in the development of cancer in the prostate. The discovery is occurred in 2006.

Cancer Facts 10: Nitrites

One of the chemical ingredients that people always use to make meat and food is nitrites. This flavoring ingredient is often found in hot dog. This substance can turn into cancer because it will react with the body chemical.

kidney cancer

kidney cancer

The most common cancer that can be found on women is breast cancer. In 2008, more than 1.4 million women were diagnosed with this cancer. In a year, it is estimated that 458,400 women die because of breast cancer. Do you have any opinion on facts about cancer?

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