10 Interesting Smallpox Facts

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Check out the infectious disease which can be caused by Variola minor and Variola Major in Smallpox Facts. The Latin name for this disease is Variola Vera or Variola. It gains the name from the word varus which means pimple or varius which means spotted. Let’s find out more interesting facts about smallpox below:

Smallpox Facts 1: the smallpox and great pox

In 15th century, the word smallpox was used in Britain to differentiate between the small pox and great pox. The latter one is used to explain syphilis.

Smallpox Facts 2: the last case of Variola minor

On 26 October 1977, the last case of Variola minor was diagnosed.  The small blood vessels of the skin, throat and mouth are the parts of the body infected initially by smallpox before it spreads.

Smallpox Signs

Smallpox Signs

Smallpox Facts 3: the skin

The smallpox is characterized by the presence of maculopapular rash. Then the rash will turn into fluid-filled blisters.

Smallpox Facts 4: the serious smallpox

The serious and severe smallpoxs are caused by Variola major. The mortality rate of the infection smallpox caused by Variola major is around 30 to 35 percent.



Smallpox Facts 5: the milder form of smallpox

The milder form of smallpox is caused by Variola minor. The report states that this disease is likely to kill 1 percent from the infectious persons. Find out polio facts here.

Smallpox Facts 6: the name of Variola Minor

Variola minor is also called as whitepox, milkpox, cottonpox, Cuban itch and alastrim.

Facts about Smallpox

Facts about Smallpox

Smallpox Facts 7: the combination of Variola major

There are around 65 to 85 percent of survivors of Variola major suffered from the long term complicated for scars. You can find them mostly on the face. The less common complication is the blindness. It only occurs in 2 till 5 percent of all cases of Variola major. The blindness is caused by the scarring, corneal ulceration and limb deformities.

Smallpox Facts 8: the emergence of smallpox

People believe that the occurrence of smallpox was dated back 10,000 BC. The mummified body of Pharaoh Ramses V of Egypt has pustule rash. It could be the evidence of the emergence of smallpox in human population.

Smallpox Facts

Smallpox Facts

Smallpox Facts 9: the plague in Europe

There were 400,000 Europeans killed because of small pox in the end of 18th century. Get facts about rabies here.

Smallpox Facts 10: the small pox in 20th century

It is estimated that 2 million people died because of smallpox in 1967.

Smallpox Fact

Smallpox Fact

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