10 Interesting Black Hole Facts

Tuesday, June 18th 2013. | Universe

If you always interested to know more about the universe, you can read the whole black hole facts. This topic always fascinates the kids and adults who to learn more about the space.  The formation of a black hole is due to the nuclear fuel of a star. The black hole will look smaller and smaller until it disappears in its own weight. See the facts below for more information.

Black Hole Facts 1: Sun

Many people think that all stars can create a black hole. Since the sun is included as star, there is no way that it can create a black hole. Why? A black hole will be created if the mass of a star is bigger than a sun.

Black Hole Facts 2: Failing Into a Black Hole

Can you imagine if you fall into a black hole? Your feet will spin faster than the head. It will remind you with spaghetti.

A binary black hole

A binary black hole

Black Hole Facts 3: Einstein’s Theories of Relativity

Einstein’s theories of relativity contribute much to the understanding of black hole. If something falls inside the black hole, there is one way that it can get out of the black hole. There is nothing can travel faster that a speed of light.

Black Hole Facts 4: Powerful Gravitational Pull

The gravitation pull of a black hole is totally powerful. It can pull out the surrounded objects. One of the biggest objects on the universe is Jupiter. Read Jupiter facts for detail info.

Black Hole Facts

Black Hole Facts

Black Hole Facts 5: Observation of Black Hole

It is not easy for the scientists to observe black hole because it comes in dark, distant and small size. It is spinning and has the shape of sphere.

Black Hole Facts 6: Energy of Black Hole

Every matter in the universe can be suckled by the black holes. However, if the black holes are not bigger than the sun, they will never suckle the objects that the sun suckles.

Black Hole

Black Hole

Black Hole Facts 7: Galaxies

There is a new theory about our galaxy. It is stated that most galaxies are suckled by a super massive black holes. The solar system is located around them. Read saturn facts to know more about the planet in solar system.

Black Hole Facts 8: Finding Black Hole

As I have stated before, black hole is hard to observe. But the scientist has found the way to observe the presence of a black hole by finding and measuring the dark mass on the sky.

Black Hole Pic

Black Hole Pic

Black Hole Facts 9: Binary Star System

You can find many black holes located on binary star systems. They keep suckle other objects in universe until it becomes a big hole and the companions stars disappear completely.

Black Hole Facts 10: Small Black Hole

Even though a black hole is small, but it is so powerful to destroy the stars and objects in universe.

Supermassive Black Hole

Supermassive Black Hole

There is no way to escape from the black hole. We just hope that there is no powerful black hole which can suck our solar system. What do you think about facts about black hole above?

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