10 Interesting Constellation Facts

Sunday, December 15th 2013. | Universe

Constellation facts are parts of what people need to know about science. Study about constellation can also help people to understand better about it. There are different facts for you here. To gain better information, you can consider reading the facts below actually.

Constellation Facts 1: 88 constellations

There are about 88 constellations that you can find out there. If you want to see them, you can look all over the year on the equator. Mostly of them are from Greek mythology. There is a rule. If new star occurs, it should be added to nearest constellation.

Constellation Facts 2: Leo constellation

Do you know Leo constellation? This contains 3 spiral galaxies. They are Messier 95, Messier 96, and also Messier 65, 66. It also contains 1 elliptical Galaxy. The name of it is Messier 105. You can read this from many textbooks actually.

Constellation  and Myth

Constellation and Myth

Constellation Facts 3: Draco the constellation

There are many different types of constellation. One of most famous constellation is Draco. It is considered as the oldest one among others. The meaning of Draco is dragon. Do you already know about it?

Constellation Facts 4: the meaning

Constellation is very common. Yet, do you know the meaning of constellation? It is the pictures made up in the sky by the group of stars.

Constellation  on sky

Constellation on sky

Constellation Facts 5: boundary

People have different perception about constellation. Let’s discuss about the boundaries. Any stars within certain boundary of constellation are part of it. Therefore, new stars will become certain part of constellation if it enters the boundary.

Constellation Facts 6: visibility

There is a fact; several constellations are visible in the northern hemisphere only. The others are only visible in different part of hemisphere. It is a common knowledge.

Constellation facts

Constellation facts

Constellation Facts 7: both hemispheres?

Although there are northern and southern constellation hemispheres, there are constellations occurring in both hemispheres. Yet, they appear upside down.

Constellation Facts 8:  time of occurrence

Several constellations can be seen thorough year. Yet, mostly of them can be seen only in seasonal occurrence. It means they occur several times in a year only.



Constellation Facts 9: nebulae

You need to know, nebulae and distant galaxies are the form parts of the constellations. There are not many people know about this.

Constellation Facts 10: the sun

The sun is considered to be a star. Yet, it is not part of any constellation at all within our galaxy.



If you wonder more facts about Constellation, you can gather better info out there. What you need to do is to read carefully.

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