10 Interesting Plum Facts

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Let me show you the amazing Plum Facts if you want to know tree included in the Rosacea family. You can find out two basic plums in the world. Both are the Japanese plum and the European plum. Actually there are 200 different varieties of plum in the market. Check out the following for detail information about plum:

Plum Facts 1: the exact origin

If you ask me about the exact origin of a European plum, it will be difficult to say since there is no report about it. Many people believed that the cultivation of plum occurred in ancient time.

Plum Facts 2: the Japanese plum

If you think that plum came from Japan, you are wrong. Even though one type of plum is badged as Japanese plum, actually it was originated from China. The plum cultivation in Japan began 300 to 400 years ago. Get facts about Japanese food here.

Plum Colors

Plum Colors

Plum Facts 3: cultivation

When people want to cultivate plum, they need to make sure that they live in a warm and temperature areas. The soil must be fertile with a lot of sunlight and moist.

Plum Facts 4: popularity of plum

Planting plum is very popular in the world because people can get the plum fruit. Some people also have plum in the backyard of their home for it has wonderful and beautiful flowers which can increase the interior and exterior.

Plum Facts

Plum Facts

Plum Facts 5: height

Let’s find out the height of a plum tree. It can grow in 10 to 20 feet.  If the plum trees are still young, they have reddish to brown bark in smooth texture.  The older trees feature the furrowed bark.

Plum Facts 6: size and shape of the leaves

It is hard to decide the shape and size of plum leaves. It is depends on the variety. You can see some of the plum leaves are in oval shapes or even oblong shape. The length of the leaves usually is in 2 till 4 inches.

Plum Fruit

Plum Fruit

Plum Facts 7: colors of the leaves

The colors of the leaves are various. You can have them in purple, yellow, green or even orange depending on the season.

Plum Facts 8: honeybees

The main pollinator of plum tree is the honeybees.



Plum Facts 9: stone fruit

Plum is included as a member in a stone fruit. I know that stone fruit must be a new term for you. The single seed of plum is protected with pit.

Plum Facts 10: colors of fruits

The color of the fruit is diverse. You can have it in red, green, purple or yellow.  If you want the sweet one, you can chosoe the red fresh plum.

Plum Sweet

Plum Sweet

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