10 Interesting Pomegranates Facts

Monday, November 10th 2014. | Food

If you want to know about one of the delicious and healthy fruits in the world, you can check out Pomegranates Facts. Have you ever eaten pomegranate before?  Not many people realize that this native fruit is from Middle East. Here are the facts about pomegranate for you:

Pomegranates Facts 1: the name

The name pomegranate was taken from Latin. The meaning is apple with many seeds.   You need to check out the shape and color. It actually reminds you with a petrified tomato. Do you know that this fruit is called as the fruit of the dead based on the ancient Greek mythology?

Pomegranates Facts 2: the physical shape

Let’s check out the physical shape of pomegranate. The size of a pomegranate is between the size of a grapefruit and a lemon. It comes in hexagonal shape with the diameter at 5 to 12 cm.  The reddish skin is very thick.

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranates Facts 3: pomegranate plant

The fruit can be consumed because it is included as an edible fruit. The plant is also useful. You can use it to increase the aesthetic beauty at home and garden.

Pomegranates Facts 4: adaptation

Growing pomegranate plant is very easy to do since the tree can adapt well in various kinds of soil types. The Southwest area is well fitted for pomegranate since it is dry and hot.

Pomegranates Facts

Pomegranates Facts

Pomegranates Facts 5: fruit

The production of a fruit can be only being achieved if you grow pomegranate tree in a hot and dry climatic area. There are a lot of edible seeds that you can eat when you open a fruit of a pomegranate. Check another delicious fruit in plum facts.

Pomegranates Facts 6: storing

If you have a lot of pomegranates at home, you can save them inside the fridge. They can last for 2 months.  If you buy the mature ones, they come in the size of a big orange.

Pomegranates Pic

Pomegranates Pic

Pomegranates Facts 7: United States

Pomegranate can be grown in United States. You can find the fruits abundant in the supermarket in September to December.

Pomegranates Facts 8: juice and pale pink seeds

If you want the best pomegranate, you have to choose the juicy ones with reddish skin. When you open the fruit, you can get the pale pink seeds.

Pomegranates Tree

Pomegranates Tree

Pomegranates Facts 9: usage

You can eat the seeds of pomegranate directly. Or you can make marinades or sauces using this fruit.

Pomegranates Facts 10: juice

This fruit is very healthy for our body. You can consume it by making a pomegranate juice.  Add grenadine syrup to make it sweet. Find out more fruit in pear facts.



Are you impressed with facts about pomegranate?

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