10 Interesting Lemon Facts

Tuesday, June 10th 2014. | Food

Lemon facts present the information about one of the best fruits in the world. Lemon is a popular fruit that people can use to make juice. You can find out lemon in various supermarkets and traditional markets. Each tree of lemon can product 500 to 6000 pounds of lemons in one year. If you are interested to find out the real facts about lemon, read the following post below:

Lemon Facts 1: Mediterranean

The people living in Mediterranean area cultivated lemon in the 1st century AD. Today, you can find many countries in the world cultivate lemon to fulfill the need to the customers in the market.

Lemon Facts 2: vitamin C

Lemon is the main source of vitamin C. You can drink lemon juice to prevent gum bleeding, teeth losing and scurvy disease. Until this present day, the sailors in British army always have lemon on the ship so that they can drink lemon juice. Check another fruit with vitamin C in Kiwi facts.

lemon facts

lemon facts

Lemon Facts 3: scurvy-preventing properties

Lemon is famous with its scurvy-preventing properties.  In 1849, the demand of lemon was high in California Gold Rush because the people wanted to avoid any scurvy disease by eating lemon. There is no need to wonder that California is a home to lemon due to the high demand at that time.

Lemon Facts 4: lips

Lemon has various purposes. The fashionable women who lived in the European renaissance used the water of lemon to make their lips red and glowing.

lemon pic

lemon pic

Lemon Facts 5: U.S. lemon crop

More than 95 percent of the lemon crops in United States are produced by California and Arizona.

Lemon Facts 6: acne

Lemon is the source of the anti-fungal and antibacterial agent. You can remove acne and blackhead by using lemon. You just have to slice a lemon in two parts and rub the lemon on the face.

lemon slices

lemon slices

Lemon Facts 7: teeth

If you want to have white and healthy teeth, you can use lemon. This treatment is very cheap.  You just have to mix it with baking soda and lemon juice. Use the mixture to rub the teeth.  Leave it for 2 minutes and then you brush the teeth with tooth paste.

Lemon Facts 8: dark sport and blemishes

Many women are tired to eliminate dark sport and blemishes.  Your skin tone will be bright and fresh from any dark sport if you rub it using lemon. This fruit is a good source of citric acid which can whiten the skin color.



Lemon Facts 9: hair color

Lemon is also famous to treat the hair. You can make the hair glowing and bright when you wash the hair using lemon water.

Lemon Facts 10: nail

Another benefit of lemon is for your nails. The women who have brittle and weak nails can make them strong by rubbing olive oil and lemon juice.



Until this present day, lemon is also a part of the beauty regiment that men and women can practice at home. You can also take care the health by drinking lemon juice. Are you inspired with facts about Lemon?

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