10 Interesting Plastic Facts

Saturday, October 25th 2014. | Science

One of the main materials that you can find in everyday life is explained in Plastic Facts. It is impossible for us to escape from plastic because there are myriads of items created from plastic. Of course, the rate of pollution is higher because of this product. Check out the interesting plastic facts below:

Plastic Facts 1: the everyday life

You can find plastic whenever you sit or stand anywhere. Just imagine when you are the office, you can find plastic framed computer, mouse, vases and bottles. Some people who really love the environment think that plastic are an epidemic.

Plastic Facts 2: Plastic in Los Angeles

If you check out the plastic in Los Angeles, you can find a lot of soda bottles, straws and grocery bags in the amount of 10 metric tons of plastic. Get facts about Los Angeles here.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles

Plastic Facts 3: production of plastic

The production of plastic is increased from time to time because plastic is used for various purposes. There is no need to wonder that the production of plastic is increased in the last 10 years.

Plastic Facts 4: recycling process

The recycling process is very important to avoid too much plastic waste. Actually we have only recycled five percent from all plastic that we have produced in the past.

Plastic Facts

Plastic Facts

Plastic Facts 5: the American people

Each year, there are 185 pounds of plastic thrown by the American people. It is enough to make the earth filled with a lot of waste every day.

Plastic Facts 6: plastic water bottles

One of the main usages of plastic is to create the plastic bottle. Every year, the American people throw away 35 billion plastic bottles.

Plastic Pic

Plastic Pic

Plastic Facts 7: the production of plastic

More than 8 percent of the oil production in the world is for producing plastic. If you think that bioplastic is good for the alternative of plastic, it is not true.  The company has to prepare the food source crops when they want bioplastics.

Plastic Facts 8: plastic in the ocean

You should never get surprised when you know some plastics are on the beach and ocean. There are many people who throw their plastic water bottles on the beach when they have a vacation.

Plastic Pieces

Plastic Pieces

Plastic Facts 9: plastic bags

Besides the plastic water bottles, people also produce 500 billion plastic bags every single year. Each minute, there are one million plastic bags used by the people.

Plastic Facts 10: degradation

A plastic will degrade in 500 to 1000 years.



Are you surprised after reading facts about plastic?

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