10 Interesting Eris Facts

Thursday, January 16th 2014. | Universe

Look at the Eris facts if you want to know about the dwarf planet in the space.  It is considered as a minor planet along with Pluto and Makemake. If you want to know more about this most massive know dwarf planet, look at the following post below:

Eris Facts 1: the most massive dwarf planet

As I have stated before, Eris is the most massive dwarf planet in the solar system.  The diameter is around 2326 kilometer. Compared to Pluto, it was 27 percent more mass.

Eris Facts 2: Mike Brown

Mike Brown was the leader of the team in Palomar Observatory. They discovered this planet on January 2005.

Eris and a moon

Eris and a moon

Eris Facts 3: TNO

Eris is included as a TNO or a trans-Neptunian object. Therefore, the scientists include it as a dwarf planet with a scattered disc.

Eris Facts 4: Moon

Even though Eris is only a dwarf planet, it has a one moon. It is called as Dysnomia. Both are considered as the most distant natural object in the solar system.

Eris dwarf planet

Eris dwarf planet

Eris Facts 5: dwarf plants

There are several dwarf planets in the solar system. Those are Pluto, Makemake, Haumea, Ceres, Pluto and Eris. The experts believed that the Eris was 4.5 billion years old. This planet is located in the Kuiper belt region.

Eris Facts 6: Orbital period around the Sun

Orbital period around the Sun is very long. It is due to the fact that Eris and Sun is very distant. Thus, it needs much time for Eris to complete the orbital period. Based on the earth years, Eris needs 557 years to complete one orbital period to the sun.

Eris facts

Eris facts

Eris Facts 7: nickname

In the past, Eris was called as Xena. It was inspired by the television series of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Eris Facts 8: 8 m Gemini North Telescope

The 8 m Gemini North Telescope was used by the team to discover the Eris. The location of the observatory was in Hawaii.

Eris Orbit

Eris Orbit

Eris Facts 9: Eridian surface temperature

The scientists believed that Eridian surface temperature of Eris is around 30 to 56 Kelvin or -243 to -217 degree Celsius.

Eris Facts 10: color

Eris has different appearance if you compare this planet with Triton and Pluto.  This planet looks grey on its surface due to the deposit of tholins.



If you want to know this planet closely, you need to visit the observatory in your town. Are you impressed with facts about Eris?

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