10 Interesting Neutron Star Facts

Monday, August 25th 2014. | Universe

Neutron Star Facts provide the information one of the interesting space phenomena in the universe. The afterlife stage of high stars is characterized by the pulsar or spinning neutron stars. If you want to more facts about neutron stars, check the following post below:

Neutron Star Facts 1: the fascinating object

The neutron star is called as the most fascinating object in the universe. Only the black hole can defeat the spectacular view of neutron stars.

Neutron Star Facts 2: weight

Can you guess the weight of a neutron star?  A spoonful of a neutron star can have the weight more than billion of tons. It can be compared with the weight of several mountains on our planet.

Neutron Star Facts

Neutron Star Facts

Neutron Star Facts 3: what is star?

Can you define the term star? The main components are helium and hydrogen. This gigantic ball of gas has nuclear fusion in the core. It is functioned as a power.

Neutron Star Facts 4: the size of the star

The size of the star determines the temperature of the core.  The massive stars have hotter temperature on the core than the small stars. The rate to burn up the fuel on its core is faster in the massive stars.

Neutron Star Image

Neutron Star Image

Neutron Star Facts 5: supernova

Supernova occurs when the fuel of a massive star is run out. The big explosion is unavoidable. After the supernova happens, it will leave a compact core and a dying massive stellar object called as neutron star.

Neutron Star Facts 6: a pulsar

A pulsar or pulsating star is a neutron star which has the magnetic bean axis directing on earth.

Neutron Star Images

Neutron Star Images

Neutron Star Facts 7: the mass of the star

The neutron star can only be generated if the stars 10 times bigger than the mass of the sun. It means that it must be bigger than 1.9891 × 1031 kg.  This big star is likely to end up as a neutron star if it is run out of fuel.

Neutron Star Facts 8: rotation

The rotation of a neutron star is very fast. The radius of the star is decreased by the gravitation compression. This condition happens because the angular momentum on the neutron star is conversed.

Neutron Star Pic

Neutron Star Pic

Neutron Star Facts 9: diameter

The diameter of a neutron star can reach 20 kilometer. You can compare the length of the neutron star with the island Manhattan. Check Manhattan facts here.

Neutron Star Facts 10: magnetic field

The magnetic field of a neutron star is very high. Compared to the magnetic field of earth, it is 1013 times more powerful.

Neutron Stars

Neutron Stars

The temperature of a neutron star is around 1 million Kelvin. The main material is iron. Do you have any questions on facts about neutron star?

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