10 Interesting Planet Saturn Facts

Sunday, June 16th 2013. | Universe

If you always curious with solar system, you need to read the whole Planet Saturn facts in the post. Planet Saturn is away recognized with the rings surrounded the planet. The rings of ice make people can identify it easily as Saturn. What do you know about the planet? If you want to get more information, see the whole facts below.

Planet Saturn Facts 1: Composition

Planet Saturn is composed from various materials. Some of them include ammonia, molecular hydrogen, helium, ammonia ice aerosols, ammonia hydrosulfide aerosols, water ice aerosols, methane, and hydrogen deuteride.

Planet Saturn Facts 2: Chemical Composition

The outer core of Saturn is composed from water, methane and ammonia. While the hot solid inner cored is made from rocky and iron.

Saturn and Moon

Saturn and Moon

Planet Saturn Facts 3: Magnetic Field

Each planet in the solar system has different types of magnetic field. Compared to earth, Saturn has 578 times more powerful magnetic field.

Planet Saturn Facts 4: Core

The internal structure of Saturn is occupied by a core. The size of the core is approximately 10 up to 20 times larger than the one in earth.

Saturn Facts

Saturn Facts

Planet Saturn Facts 5: Density

Density of Saturn is so small. It is measured at 0.687 grams per cubic centimeter.

Planet Saturn Facts 6: Physical Appearance

Even though Saturn is located far away from earth, you can see the planet with naked eyes. The atmosphere of the planet is made from the super-fast wind. The speed of the sand can reach 1,800 km per hour. It creates the yellow and gold band around the planet.

Planet Saturn

Planet Saturn

Planet Saturn Facts 7: Spinning Saturn

Saturn is a fast spinning planet in the solar system. If you compare the speed of spin, it is faster than Jupiter. The rotation to reach 13,000 km only needs 10.5 hours.

Planet Saturn Facts 8: Ring

The main feature of planet Saturn is the rings. In certain condition, the rings look disappeared. It occurs when the rings are located on the edge.  It happened in 1998 to 2009.  You can see the rings disappear again in 2024 to 2025.

Rings of Saturn

Rings of Saturn

Planet Saturn Facts 9: Spacecraft on Saturn

People are curious about the life in other planets.  Saturn had been visited four times by spacecraft.  In 1979, it was Pioneer 11 sent on Saturn. In 2004, Cassini can take some photos of Saturn. It is a good achievement since Cassini can enter to the orbit.

Planet Saturn Facts 10: Moon of Saturn

Saturn has 62 moons. The biggest one is Titan. It is considered as the second largest moon in the solar system.



When you look at the sky, can you image that there are many other planets out there that you cannot see with naked eyes. The color for the planets and moons always come to our mind. Is it possible to live in those planets? Based on the facts about Saturn, can you answer the question?

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