10 Interesting Chefs Facts

Monday, December 2nd 2013. | Food

Find out the information about chefs facts in the following post. Becoming a chef is not an easy thing to do. The chef has to learn many things. They have to practice to create wonderful and unique food. If you like to enjoy the food cooked by chefs, visit the five-star hotel in your town. Here are some facts to learn about chefs.

Chefs Facts 1: fine meals

The main job of chefs is making a fine meal. They can transform the ordinary meal into a delicious and fine meal.

Chefs Facts 2: practice makes perfect

If you want to be a chef, you should become a hardworking person. You need to make sure that the employers are satisfied with your work.



Chefs Facts 3: American Culinary Foundation

The people who want to get a certification from the American Culinary Foundation had to work at least 3 years as an executive sous chef, a chef de cuisine or a pastry chef. This citification is needed if you want to get wonderful job.

Chefs Facts 4: full time work

Chefs have a very long working hour. Most of them are hired in full time service. In a day, they can work for 11 hours. In a week, they have to work 60 hours.

cartoon chef

cartoon chef

Chefs Facts 5: job description

You are wrong if your think that the executive chef will spend all of his time to cook food. What they will do is not only cooking food, but purchasing food, planning menus, managing the staffs and supervising the cooking process in the hotel kitchen.

Chefs Facts 6: salary

Based on the report in 2009, the executive chefs can earn the cash around $79,402. In 2010, the report stated that the head chef gained the median wage $30,630.

Chefs cook

Chefs cook

Chefs Facts 7: fresh menu

To create a fantastic menu, the executive chefs will use the freshest ingredients and seasoning. The method used in the cooking process is also unique to create the top menu.

Chefs Facts 8: planning

Becoming an executive chef is not as easy as you might think before. The chore of the cooking process lies on the scheduling and preparation of the menu.

Chefs facts

Chefs facts

Chefs Facts 9: paycheck

If you are only interested to get the paycheck when you work as a chef or a cook staff, you will never last longer in the job field. Cooking needs passion from the chefs.

Chefs Facts 10: executive chef

When you have graduated from the cooking school, you should never think that you will be an executive chef. You need to wait until your show your good attitude and achievement.



When you become a chef, you need to get used to work with fire and knives. Are you interested to find out more on facts about chef?

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