10 Interesting Corn Facts

Tuesday, December 17th 2013. | Food

Corn facts are common information for people. Corn is very basic for plant which people can take benefit in order to make any different foods. There are also many facts that you can learn from it. Therefore, I want to significantly discuss about it.

Corn Facts 1: any continents

Corn is common in any countries. In fact, corn is basic production on any continents. It is the production of around the world. The only continent which has no production of corn is Antarctica. People have already recognized this fact actually.

Corn Facts 2: grits

Do you already know grits? I believe many people have already recognized this. Grits are the small parts of the grains of the corns. The first production of grits is conducted by Native Americans. It was in centuries ago.

corn facts

corn facts

Corn Facts 3: Corns in America

Christopher Columbus has conducted voyage to the North America. By the time, corn was only grown by the Indians located on the North, Central, and also South America. Do you have already recognized about this fact? Just review more if you want to know further.

Corn Facts 4: petrified corn cobs

There are many petrified corn cobs which have the age more than 5000 years old. It has been found in ancient villages of Indian. The exact location is on the Western hemisphere. This information is very helpful for you right?

Corn field

Corn field

Corn Facts 5: West Indies

Columbus and his crews have ever landed in certain region named West Indies. He in fact traded with any Indians out there. Later, he took home the corn back to Spain. This information perhaps becomes your basic thing to know.

Corn Facts 6: MA-HIZ

Corn is often called as maize. It actually has the history. The term maize is originated from Indian name. It is MA-HIZ. This fact is very common for people actually. The name maize later becomes popular even up to today.

Corn Food

Corn Food

Corn Facts 7: Indian’s Kindness

The Indians were very kind tribes. They had helped the settlers in the problem of starvation. It was during winter that they provided the settlers with corn to eat. Later, the settlers were taught by the Indians in how to grow corn.

Corn Facts 8:  corn preparation

Many Indians also taught settlers with the methods in how to prepare the corn. It can be the form of corn pudding, corn bread, corn soup, and also fried corn cakes.



Corn Facts 9: valuable corn

In the last time, corn was very valuable for any settlers. They may use corn to trade for other products including furs and also meat.

Corn Facts 10: domesticated

Corn can occur as wild plant. It is certain plant which is thoroughly domesticated.



The facts about Corn above are only the basic. More information indeed you can review from the internet or also from any magazines or other information.

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